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This is just to give you a bit more detail of who I am and how I came to write this blog.  It all started several years ago when I decided that I needed to loose weight.  I joined the Weight Loss Resource web site and then found myself in the unenviable situation of helping my friend through the death of her husband. The night he died I was at a loose end in a strange house unable to sleep so I got on the computer and poured out my tumult of feelings on to the off topic page.  The results were dramatic with so many replies and words of condolence.  I continued to write as the situation developed and found that I had become addicted to it.  When I eventually left the site so many people urged me to keep writing that I set up the blog and so it has continued.  I now use my morning musings to plan out my day and decide what I am going to do.  So it is largely a to-do list.
I am a poor sleeper and am frequently awake in the small hours of the morning - not a good time to start hoovering - so I occupy myself with the blog.  I hope it also keeps my brain active and my typing skills are improving.
Now for a bit of background:-  I was born in 1948 in Bristol.  My father had met and married my mother in Trieste in Italy at the end of the second world war.  He brought his new bride back to England only to discover that she was not welcome.  However my mother having a stoical nature was not going to be beaten and set to to learn the language.  This didn't prove too difficult for her as she had had a classical education and already had Greek, Latin, German, French, Slovenian and Italian under her belt.  My paternal grandmother made her life hell and when I was born she weighed six and half stone.  At this point my father took a job with the Crown agents as a civil engineer in Nigeria and at six weeks old I flew out with them to Lagos.  When I was 4 they were sent to a very dangerous place and it was decided that I would be safer with my maternal grandmother in Trieste where I spent the next eighteen months and learned to speak Italian.  At the age of 6 my mother decided to send me to boarding school and I was delivered into the hands of a Belgian order of nuns from hell.  My parents finally returned to this country after Nigerian independence and I was reunited with my sister who was five by then.  My secondary education was less dramatic and from that I then went on to college to do a pre nursing course and on to Hammersmith hospital for my full training.  Now that I look back eighteen is very young to be dealing with some of the things we had cope with but some how you muddle through.  It was at this time that I met my first husband who subsequently turned out to be an alcoholic.  I had two children with him but he left before the second one was six months old and I found myself destitute and had to go back to work so that we could survive.  It was then that I met Mike who was in the same boat as me his wife of 14 years had taken his two children and run off with a millionaire.  We have been together now for some thirty years and he has been my rock through all the difficult times.  Teenage boys can be a bit of a trial but they are now established and under their own steam.  One is teaching in Thailand the other works for the metropolitan police.  I ended my career as a senior lecture at the local university and Mike retired from London Electricity some ten years before me.  Mikes mother spent her last days staying with us before she went into a home where she lasted less that two months.  My parents had both been ill my mother with a brain tumour which was successfully removed and my father with bladder cancer also successfully treated.  However they could see the writing on the wall and decided to make a dignified exit together with the aid of carbon monoxide.  This was not a good year as my sisters twenty-one year old had hanged himself shortly before and my mothers brother shot himself about a month after.  This was all ten years ago and the dust has settled now.
Mike and I are jogging along in our retirement and I seem to have lots to keep me occupied.  We have a caravan for holidays which we keep in Suffolk.  I have a pair of terriers and a gorgeous Italian Spinone who is starting to earn his living as a gun dog.  I clay pigeon shoot and have just started "picking up" with the dog at game shoots.  I used to ride but found that it took up too much time and energy so that has fallen by the way side as has my foray into bee keeping which I had to give up as I became allergic to bee stings.  I have a reasonable vegetable garden where I can put my horticultural studies to some use.  I also keep four hens for their eggs and would dearly love a pig but just don't have the space.  My main hobby has to be cooking which I really love and find that I have to keep inviting people to stay so that I can play in the kitchen and not put on too much weight.

Do I still have a dreams - you bet - six acres and an aga!!!!!!

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