Wednesday morning

Morning all there is nothing good about it.  It is pouring with rain and I have just got soaked putting the stuff out for the bin men.  I suppose if I had a brain I would have put a coat on but no I dashed out in my dressing gown and slippers.  I had ideas of getting the laundry done today but looking at the weather that doesn't seem sensible.  

The car saga continues yesterday morning the insurance company rang to find out if the car had been picked up so I explained what had happened and how we had been messed around however they assured me that the courtesy car was on its way and they would ring back at 5pm to make sure it had all happened.  The courtesy car is coming from Enterprise and they are looking to get it to me this afternoon - did the insurance company ring back at 5pm? No of course not. Fortunately, I am retired because if I was working and needed my car every day I would be climbing the walls by now.  Interesting isn't it! you are obligated to tell them the truth or they will cancel your insurance but they can lie to you till the cows come home.

Yesterday's chicken extravaganza was goujons with sweet chilly dipping sauce and a big mixed salad.  Today we are having cottage pie and broccoli.  I am gradually running down the contents of the freezer but I think I still have more chicken to go. The boys, bless them, bought some of the 3 packs for £10 so I have chicken coming out of my ears.  I am now out of breadcrumbs so I have a stale loaf which is going in the oven to dry out and replenish my breadcrumb box.

Dan is out doing his morning border patrol it is his first job of the day he walks around the boundary and has a check for interesting smells and seem to be completely oblivious to the rain.  Tubby, on the other hand, dashes out does what is necessary and gets straight back in no messing about.  They have both pointed out that there are a few goujons leftover which they feel must be for them and they probably will be Oh what lucky dogs!!!!

Have a good day all whatever your plans are.

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