Saturday morning again!!!

Good morning all, yes this week has two Saturdays, guess who doesn't know which day it is?  My only excuse is that I do this first thing and I am seldom fully awake.

Yesterday was a crazy day for weather we had it all from wind to rain and then finally another half inch of snow.  The rain was scary as it turned to ice instantly so the nicely cleared path became a lethal skating rink.

As you can imagine not much happened here we just hunkered down and kept warm hot drinks and hot food and boiler roaring away.  I watched a video on the net and thought of you Joy as I stumbled upon a recipe for making fake cream which has no fat in it.  I think it would be a bit of a pain to make but if you have nothing better to do it might interest you it is made with the water in which you have boiled chickpeas and sugar.  Sounds crazy but seems to work if you can be bothered.  Frankly I would do with out the cream!!!! if you are interested google aquafaba.

I tried a curry last night which James hiked up the road to get but sadly it was way too spicy for me and nearly blew my head off.  Despite that it really didn't taste of much to me so the old nose is still dysfunctional.  On todays menu I have a pork fillet which I am going to stuff with prunes and then cook with a splash of marsala and some cream.  Should be nice but no doubt will taste of sweet cardboard.  I keep trying but with little success.  Still at least I am cooking again and my sourdough is bubbling away merrily so not long before I can have some pikelets or make a loaf.  I think it would be wise to wait until it is a bit warmer to make a loaf as it takes forever to prove under normal circumstances.

Well that is the plan now to put it into action have a good day and lets hope the worst of this cold weather is drawing to a close.
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