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Wednesday morning

Good morning all, we are SNOWED with what I estimate to be about 10-12 inches.  There is nothing moving on the road and Denzil has abandoned work.  My good friend Elaine made it to work yesterday but couldn't get home last night, fortunately, she is working at a private hospital so they had a bed to put her up.  Living as we do on the top of the north downs the problems tend to be the hills which become impassable.

It all looks very picturesque from the warmth of the house and though the sun is blazing nothing is melting as it is -5ºC.  According to the forecast we are not due more snow today but it will start again tomorrow.  The kids next door have built a lovely snowman but the snow is so dry it really doesn't want to stick together. I'm sure the Inuit have a name for this kind of snow!!!!
So the plan for today is to hunker down and stay warm.  Hot drinks and hot food just as well we are well stocked up.  This is a moment to be grateful for modern conveniences double g…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all well we have snow at about 3 inches and it is still snowing hard at the moment so more to come.

If the photo looks a bit fuzzy that is because it is still coming down quite hard.  I had a bit of a rough night so I slept in this morning after all not much point in getting up as I have no intentions of sledging or building a snowman.
I had breakfast at 3am and finally went to sleep at 6am, however, I had had a brilliant day so no good reason for the bad night.  I have also made another discovery what I thought was appetite is, in fact, nothing to do with hunger it is me chasing something that tastes good.  I made a dish yesterday that really reminded me of childhood it is called patate in tecia which translates as potatoes in a pot and I guess it is the equivalent of bubble and squeak Italian style.  It is just fried onions and pancetta and boiled potatoes made in the same method as a bubble so there are plenty of crispy bits.  Mine had a good handful of parsley for the…

Monday morning

Good morning all.  When I got up at 6am there was no snow so I had breakfast and went back to bed and slept peacefully until now.  We now have a covering and it is still snowing but not hard I would estimate about a cm if that, it looks like the head gardener has sprinkled us with icing sugar.
I had a really good day yesterday and got quite a bit done which makes a change.  However, I am eating most peculiarly.  This is not a moan just a matter of interest.  As I still can't taste anything I am going for texture rather than flavour so I can make some weird concoctions.  I made myself a crazy salad last night for supper which had fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese all mixed in together.  James bought some orange squash and though I know it is sweet I have no idea what flavour it is.  Having said that I soaked some prunes in tea and added a strip each of lemon and orange zest.  The prunes got added to the salad [I told you it was weird] in the process I inadvertently added the lemo…

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  I had a very busy day yesterday first I had my nails done and they are now a very deep blue/purple.  I then hit Aldi and did a load of shopping and noticed that folks were stocking up so I guess we all had the same idea that if the snow they have forecast is bad we will be OK.  My fridge is stuffed to the gunwales as is the freezer and there isn't a square inch of room in the cupboards.  I think we could probably live for a month without shopping again, however, I didn't get to top up my bread making supplies which I think would be a good idea as is putting a bit of milk in the freezer.  This might not sound like a very busy day to most but it was for me as I have been so lethargic for so long.  By the time I got home James had made a beautiful shellfish risotto which was really lovely and for supper I had a second helping along with a Thai fish cake and some trifle.  My taste is still missing but I think it is creeping back by degrees I can now tell the di…

Saturday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday's visit to the doctor confirmed what I suspected I now have labyrinthitis for which there is no cure except time.  He has however given me some stemetil to stop nausea and hopefully damp down the dizziness.  I seem to be in a pendulum mode swinging from good to rubbish and back again.  I am not complaining about having good days which is a bit of a novelty and hopefully, they will soon become the majority.
It is perishingly cold this morning and below zero even though there is bright sunshine.  The forecast looks pretty grim next week when we are due for a blast of Siberian weather.  I am due to have my nails done this morning which always lifts the spirits and then I am going to have a go at a bit of shopping.  We are clean out of fresh vegetables and fruit so they both need topping up.  Yesterday I made a nice oriental broth with noodles and shredded lettuce in it. The lettuce was a novelty but I spotted a recipe which used romaine lettuce instead o…

Friday morning

Good morning all well I had a really good day yesterday only to be followed by a crappy night.  Still, you can't have it all!!!  I'm off to see the doctor this morning and hopefully, he can give me some advice as to what I can do about the symptoms I still have.  I am still way too dizzy to drive so one of the boys will run me to the doctors.
It is bitterly cold here this morning but bright and sunny and I noticed that while they have warned us about the coming Siberian cold they have not mentioned snow until yesterday so we may be in for another dousing.
Yesterday I ate well I had my usual breakfast of hardboiled eggs - lunch was breaded haddock and spinach and supper was cold breaded haddock with coleslaw and potato salad.  I am drinking lots of water as I can't taste either tea or coffee there is no point so water it is. Turmeric tablets 3 times daily and plenty of rest.  I do one job then rest before I tackle the next.  Today I have some wonderful beef broth made from…

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Well, I said this was a rollercoaster ride and I am pleased to report that yesterday was a good day.  I actually got into the kitchen and made a sort of chicken dish with stuff I found in the fridge and with it, I did some basmati rice which I cooked in my turmeric tea somewhat watered down.  It must have been OK as the boys ate it with gusto.  For my money turmeric and black pepper are savoury items and not sweet.  Anyway, I now have some herbal pills which contain the ingredients and make life a bit easier.  
I am not one to shop online but I have made an exception this time and put an order into Ocado for some essentials which are due any minute.  I have included some Kimchi which is a spicy fermented cabbage pickle which is supposed to be very good for you gut.  If I don't get well soon it won't be or lack of trying.  Sadly the loss of sense of smell, deafness and dizziness persist but I feel a whole lot better in myself which is half the battle.
If you…

Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  To continue the saga I thought I had turned a corner but yesterday was a really bad day so I have made an appointment to see the doctor again on Friday.  Dennie did a lovely job and bullied me back to my bed as I was so very dizzy and nauseated.  I will have to get one of the boys to drive me to the docs as I wouldn't dare drive at the moment.  By way of self-diagnosis, I think this is a viral infection which has affected my ears and the deafness, dizziness and nausea lead me to believe it may have caused a degree of labyrinthitis which would account for the current symptoms.  Anyway, we will see what the doctor has to say.  The only food I could tolerate was toast but I have religiously tried to keep myself hydrated as I cannot taste anything I have stuck to plain water.  Dennie re-hung my curtains for me as she wouldn't let me on the step ladder. Though they have shrunk a bit they make the window look more like a lounge an less like an office now that the…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all well surprise surprise at about 2pm yesterday after my ghastly turmeric tea it was like a light switch being thrown I suddenly felt better in myself symptoms still there but I was feeling better.  Now did the antibiotics just kick in or was it the turmeric I have no idea but suffice to say I will be having the ghastly turmeric tea again today and see if it helps.  Most of the recipes that I have seen for this tea are for those with a sweet tooth and have honey and cinnamon added but as I prefer savoury I made it like a cup of soup with stock rather than water and while I wouldn't recommend it as a dish it seems to have had the desired effect.  With the loss of taste, it is not too bad as I can hardly taste it.  
We have another wet day here the dogs have been for a run in the mud and are now drying off in my bed "BLESS THEM" still whats a bit of mud between friends.  It soon brushes off once dry.  The wonderful Denny is here doing her thing so the house…

Monday morning

Good morning all well it is piddling with rain so my excursion is off.  This will make you laugh last night for supper I had something I bet none of you have ever had.  A toasted bolognese sandwich.  Was it nice? NO it was like wet cardboard but it was fuel so I persevered only to end up with indigestion however the cure of a glass of bicarbonate, normally unpleasant,  was quite nice by comparison.  There are both positives and negatives to loss of taste.  I can eat all kinds of rubbish with no problems.  Would you believe I couldn’t be bothered to boil a bit of pasta so made toast instead.  Do not try this recipe.
I have two more days of antibiotics to go then I am done and I must say I feel better but not really well I guess that might take some time.  The doctor warned me that the sense of smell might take some time to return.  Now that my mind is a bit clearer I realise that while giving up smoking is a good idea and I though it was the right thing to do it was like pouring petro…

Sunday morning

Good morning all sorry I have been off the wires for a while but I have been rather unwell.  This morning I have woken up feeling marginally better so I guess the antibiotics are kicking in.  I usually type on the computer downstairs as it is easier than on the iPad but I haven't ventured downstairs for several days.  I am still very much without my sense of smell but I am getting used to eating tasteless food purely to refuel.  My hearing is still disturbed and I am still a bit dizzy but better than I was.  I am hopeful that a couple more days of antibiotics should see this malady on its way.  The boys have taken good care of me and kept me fueled and watered.  The sun is shining and the dogs have had their walk so I can spend some time in the shower [much needed] and I have put together the start of a cottage pie it just needs its potato top added.  I think this is the first thing I have cooked in two weeks.  I cannot ever remember losing my appetite even when I had scarlet fev…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all well another day another dollar each morning is a surprise as to which part of my upper respiratory tract is dysfunctional.  Yesterday I was stone deaf on the left-hand side but this morning the ears seem ok but the nose is dripping like a tap.  I seem to lurch from one problem to the next but never seem to get clear of it.  I decided last night that I really should eat something even though I really would rather not.  So I went for something I knew would be bland and tasteless I had a Chinese of boiled rice and mixed vegetables in black bean sauce.  Yes, it was bland but then again I was not so disappointed as I knew it would be.  Does that make any kind of sense to you?  It is so miserable to eat something you know should taste good only to find it does not.  It is the same with the coffee I keep trying but am regularly disappointed it still tastes like pond water. Imagine if you will biting into a piece of chocolate only to find it tastes of overcooked liver.  The…

Monday morning

Good morning all it is bright and sunny but very cold here this morning.  Yesterday was a bit of a right off James slept for most of the day and I couldn't be bothered to cook for myself so I had a ham sandwich and a handful of dry roasted peanuts.  This loss of my sense of smell is really awful as I can't be bothered to eat.  I really hope the GP can help me when I see him on Wednesday evening.  I think I am pretty depressed at the moment what with post flu lethargy etc.  and the sinuses playing up.  It all feels too much for flesh and blood to cope with.  Sorry to keep whinging but the centre of my world has collapsed and I am at a complete loss as to how to cope with the situation.  I think I might just give into myself and not worry about the odd cigarette until I have regained my sense of taste at which point I will stand some chance of giving up.  At the moment there is nothing to look forward to except sleep.  Normally I would be sitting here thinking of loads of thing…

Sunday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining but it is bitterly cold and though the heating is now functioning it is set very low and the house is cold.  This morning it is reading 16.5 which is a bit chilly so we have to override it and pump the heating up.  
The non-smoking is going badly I have fallen off the waggon a few times.  However, I haven't thrown the towel in just yet.  I think things would be easier if I could at least enjoy my food but to lose that at the same time is very hard.  I made some bacon steaks with leeks and a cheese sauce for lunch yesterday and that tasted salty and sour.  For supper, Denzil came home with a haggis so that was on the supper menu and even that was just peppery wallpaper paste.  The dogs were fascinated and quite convinced we were eating their food so as there was plenty we did share.  Haggis has quite a strong mutton flavour but none of it made its way to me so disappointing.  James bought me a plain chocolate kit kat which under normal circumsta…

Saturday Morning

Good morning all yesterday was a better day I had the joy of a nice hot shower then wrapped myself in a warm bath robe straight off the heated towel rail and sat on my bed an dried my hair.  All things I have been missing for a while. 

The meat balls did a second round and we had meatball rolls with mozzarella topping for lunch and I finished them off for supper with some left over pasta which I revitalised.

It is very cold here this morning no snow but well below zero temperatures so despite the heating it is still quite chilly.  I think my sense of smell might be returning but it is very slow so difficult to tell.  Coffee tastes better but not nice so I am not there yet and the meat balls were ok but still not right it is difficult to tell if things are improving or I am just gettingh used to them.  Anyway we will see what the quack has to say on Wednesday.

On todays menu I am going to make some bacon steaks with leeks and a cheese sauce which should be fine and nice and easy to mak…


Good morning all well it is marginally warmer here today and piddling with rain.  I was really pleased to get all the plumbing work done yesterday as it has been a festering sore since before Christmas.  Also, something you can well do without when you are not feeling well.  Anyway fingers crossed for a couple of years of trouble-free water and heat.  I think I might be getting a little taste back my coffee this morning tastes of something albeit not coffee.  I made some meatballs for supper last night and I think I could tell there was beef in the balls but not much else the tomato sauce just tasted sour.  I am having to over season everything just to get a bit of flavour out of it.
This is actually the most difficult time of the day for me at present as I have to come to terms with not having a cigarette which is all I want.  It is a horrid feeling when I wake up and know that I am facing endless hours of a nonsmoking day.  I try to go back to sleep until it becomes impossible as b…

Plumbing day

Good morning all well today is the day I should get my plumbing all sorted out.  After which I should have both hot water and a functioning central heating system.  It is very cold here today with the thermometer below zero, however, the snow has all melted and the sun is shining brightly so maybe the temperature will rise a bit.  
I must admit that I am not making the desired progress healthwise I still feel very unwell nothing major just everything, in general, I am very light headed and dizzy so I move slowly.  I think my body has taken quite a hammering and it is going to take a while to recover fully.  My sense of smell is still absent and therefore food is really unappealing nothing taste of anything.  I made my self a caesar salad yesterday with a dressing that should have blown my head off there were loads of anchovies, tons of garlic and plenty of parmesan and still, it tasted bland to me.  My gut is not thanking me for the upheaval and the poor quality of food I am eating. …

Wednesday morning

Good morning all not very early this morning I was warm and cosy in bed and saw no good reason to get up.  The motorised valve on the heating was the culprit for the loss of heat and it did take two days for the house to cool down to very unpleasant.  We now have heating and hopefully tomorrow will see the whole system given a birthday and hopefully we can have another few years of trouble free plumbing.  It seems to have been just one thing after another and when you are at a low ebb these things really affect you negatively.  I look forward to the day I wake up and am not disappointed.  This morning we have a covering of snow this was the road at 5am just a light dusting.  It is still snowing now but not heavily.  I am very grateful that the heating is on.

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all well it is very cold here today and just to make my life complete the heating is off and refuses to switch on so I have lit the gas fire in the dining room and the one in the lounge and left the doors open in the hope that some of the heat might permeate the house.  I seem to be lurching from one crisis to the next at the moment.  The boiler installer is coming on Thursday to do a service so then I hope to have not only hot water but also heating currently they seem to be mutually exclusive. 

Today I have a hair appointment but really don't feel up to it so Denzil is going to drop me off and collect me.  I hope I will feel a little better once my hair is sorted because at the moment there is only one place I want to be which is back in my bed warm under the duvet.

The chicken carcass got put in the pot and made into soup which what I ate yesterday and this morning the remains have been given to the dogs for their breakfast. Lunch today will have to be a fridge rai…

Monday Morning

Good morning all, well we have had a snow shower overnight and it is very cold this morning so much so that I have lit the fire in the dining room.  Even the computer was feeling it and froze up on me so I had to have a complete reboot before it would cooperate.
James got me a bottle of Metatone tonic on the chemist's recommendation which will hopefully restore me to some kind of normality.  I did a roast chicken lunch but my heart was not in it and sadly for me, it was flavorless even the crispy skin disappointed.  It is quite hard for me to cook at the moment as I have absolutely no interest in the food.  I eat it because I know it is fuel and necessary but sadly it is no pleasure.  This really couldn't have happened at a worse moment as I do need to keep occupied having lost my lifelong friend who has always been there for me so I guess this is some kind of grieving process.  I wish I felt better about myself this just makes everything even harder.
I will have to get out a…

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  First, let me tell you about my lovely hot long shower it was fabulous until I discovered that the water was missing the curtains and soaking the bathroom.  Ok so the bathroom got a good clean as well - what a mess.  I think I need to do some readjustments of the curtaining.  Anyway, I feel really clean for the first time in ages.  
It is very chilly here this morning with the temperature at a mere 2ºC.  I decided to check out the anosmia and discovered that I cannot smell Vicks vapour rub so it is no wonder I cannot taste anything either.  I have a double espresso sitting in front of me and it might just as well be water.  I know I have been eating badly for some time and I am pretty sure I have depleted much of my vitamin supplies so though it is against my religion I am going to purchase some multivitamins and see if I can short-circuit the slow rebuild.  It is difficult for me to eat at the moment as I lose interest after two mouthfuls.  I made myself a tuna an…

It must be Saturday

Good morning all I guess it must be Saturday as you can only have so many Fridays in a week.  Today will be 10.000-mile service day as not only do I have a shower but also hot water is there anything else I could wish for?  Well, actually it would be nice to have a cup of coffee that didn't taste of pond water but you can't have everything so I will settle for the shower.  As you know this saga has been going on since before Christmas so I think  3 mths and 5 plumbers must be some sort of record.
I was due to go to the hairdresser the day I got poleaxed and cancelled so you can only imagine what my hair is like.  It is hanging in my eyes like a pair of badly made curtains so my first job next week will be to book an appointment and get myself shorn.  Then I am going to make an appointment to see my GP and get something sorted out so that if I am struck down again I don't end up having no choice but A&E which was a sledgehammer to crack a nut and a colossal waste of re…

Friday again

I put up a piece of poetry by Henry Reed, which I particularly like, more for the purpose of seeing if I  could then comment on my own blog.  The answer is no, I have tried the iPad and that will not let me in so I am now sitting at the main Mac and still it will not let me comment so I really don't understand what is going on.  Several of you have said you have had trouble but I am sorry I don't seem to be able to fix it.
Sorry if I put the wind up a few people the other day but I had built up quite a head of steam and better that I poured it out all over the internet than threw a brick through a shop window.  {If you ask someone to cut their throat you really shouldn't be surprised at the ensuing bloodbath.}
Shiona came with her new purple car and boy is it the purple. photo from the web, not the right model but that is the colour you would never lose your car in a crowd!!!!!!
I was hoping to have some good news with regard to the hot water shower situation but sadly th…

Post script

Vixi duellis nuper idoneus
Et militavi non sine gloriaReed, Henry."Naming of Parts."New Statesman and Nation24, no. 598 (8 August 1942): 92 (.pdf).


To Alan Michell
Vixi duellis nuper idoneus
Et militavi non sine gloria

To-day we have naming of parts. Yesterday,
We had daily cleaning. And to-morrow morning,
We shall have what to do after firing. But to-day,
To-day we have naming of parts. Japonica
Glistens like coral in all of the neighboring gardens,
          And to-day we have naming of parts.

This is the lower sling swivel. And this
Is the upper sling swivel, whose use you will see,
When you are given your slings. And this is the piling swivel,
Which in your case you have not got. The branches
Hold in the gardens their silent, eloquent gestures,
          Which in our case we have not got.

This is the safety-catch, which is always released
With an easy flick of the thumb. And please do not let me
See anyone using his finger. You can do it quite easy
If you…