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Anyone for a cup of stagnant pond water at £12 per kilo.  Well, that is one week 24 x 7 = 168 x 60 = 10080 of abject misery.  Lots of good advice from well-meaning friends all been there and it will be worth it in the end.  No, it won't because I don't want to do it I don't want to be a non-smoker this is just to keep a promise to a friend.  So I am at liberty to go on hating myself for being such an idiot and making a promise I knew would cost me much more than the money it will ruin what is left of my life which I hope is not too long.  No, I don't want help, no I don't want support, no I don't want antidepressants, yes I want to wallow in misery I want to hate myself and everyone else too including the dogs.  Anyone know where you can get hold of some heroin? that should render me unconscious. Wonderful.  Even the dog has the sense to stay away from me.  Oh and wonderful there is no hot water again so I will have a cold shower pneumonia anyone.


Sadly I am conscious which means another 24 hours of unmitigated misery. Pity I can’t fall into a bottle. Time to stop this blog


I hate being a non smoker I now have another 24 hours of abject misery to live through.

Sunday morning

Good morning all well sorry things have been a bit hit and miss with the blog.  Some days are better than others.  The steroids have given me back my appetite so I am very hungry which is good but for those of you who know me in person you will know that I have been a smoker for 50 years.  Well not any more so I am now not smoking.  I gave up once before many years ago and it was the most miserable 6 months of my life as I completely lost my sense of smell and therefore of taste.  So I am sitting here drinking what should should be a lovely cup of coffee which actually tastes like stagnant pond water.  Food tastes like wall paper paste so eating it is not a pleasure it is just fuel.  I hope this passes but last time it didn't so I am very concerned that I am in for a rough ride.   As you know eating is one of my major pleasures in life and when I lose that I very quickly lose the will to live.
Right that has got that off my chest so to speak I will try to be as cheerful as I can …

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Sorry to have worried you all but things have been a bit dreadful here.  The plumber [number5] came and installed the shower on Tuesday so that was one bit of good news however no sooner has he left not only did we not have a new shower but no hot water either.  To cut a very long and tedious story short he returned yesterday evening at 7pm only to discover he had failed to switch the hot water back on - problem solved.  My health took a bit of a nose dive and in desperation, I phoned Sandi who came immediately and sorted me out.  We tried all the usual things like ringing the GP none of which was any use so finally they bundled me into the car and drove me to A&E.  Now the less I say about that the better - two things were needed a Ventolin nebuliser and some steroids - bog standard treatment not rocket science. Had I been able to get to the respiratory nurses that could have been accomplished with little trouble.  Instead of which a completely unnecessary visi…

Saturday morning

Good morning all, just a quick one to let you know I haven’t kicked the bucket yet.   This has been a pretty miserable bug and as the most ancient member of the family it’s taking me the longest to recover.  I ventured downstairs to make a coffee this morning and now feel as if I have run a marathon and climbed the north face of Everest to get back to my bed.  For some unknown reason I have no wish to eat and so far this week have managed a tin of tomato soup, a slice of toast with scrambled eggs (half of which the dogs helped me with) and 4 cubes of cardboard chicken kebab.  There doesn’t seem to be anything that is appealing to me. I have however drunk a lake of water.  All the coughing has used muscles I didn’t know existed and I have successfully jarred my back in the process.  I fancy a nice hot bath but fear that Kent fire brigade would be needed to get out of the tub. So it will have to be a strip wash until I am feeling stronger. On the plus side I did sleep last night for 4 s…

Thursday morning

Sorry to have been gone for so long but I have been pretty sick.  I feel marginally better this morning but I am as weak as a kitten. Ihave been off my food and all I have managed is a tin of Heinz tomato soup.  I am drinking gallons so that is good.  I have no appetite and don’t feel hungry.  I even managed to fall out of bed in the night when I sat up rather quickly to deal with a paroxysm of coughing.

Good news plumber number 5 is coming to instal the shower on Tuesday by which time I hope that I will be a bit better.
I don’t have much to report the boys have bounced back but I am a good deal slower.  I do feel that the worst is over but it will be a slow road to recovery.


good morning all sorry to have been silent we are all down with some grotty bug

Thursday Morning

Good morning all.  I am now the proud possessor of some lovely new verticle blinds which I must say really make the rooms look much bigger and brighter and I am going to take great delight in throwing away the old net curtains which I have hated for a very long time.  The new blinds are in the bay windows in the front of the house and as they are not an actual curve but have angled sides it means having three blinds per window but that is OK as it gives me a million variations to play with.  The old fabric curtains are in a pile on the floor and today I will divest then of their hooks and get then ready to wash.  One set is cream colour and is in perfect condition so I may look at swapping them over for some rather worn ones in the back bedroom.  If that doesn't work out they can go to the charity shop.  They are quite heavy and lined so it did cross my mind to take them to the local launderette where they have big machines and enormous dryers and best of all you can leave them w…

Wednesday morning

Good morning all.  I had a really crappy night just dosing for an hour then waking up and struggling to go back to sleep.  James has some form of plague I hope it isn't the nasty flu which is doing the rounds.  I have had flu twice in my life and I know the difference between flu and a cold.  Colds are pretty miserable things but flu is a different animal altogether.  I don't think colds are ever fatal but flu certainly can be.
Here am I moaning but it is Anne who we should be thinking of.  If you read yesterdays comments you will see that she has had a stroke from her chemo despite the anticoagulants.  I do hope it was a minor type of stroke and hasn't left her with any real deficits.  I think things are quite tough enough for her at the moment without added side effects.  If you are reading this Anne let us know how things are going and I hope you are getting lots of support from the professionals as well as family and friends.  Remember to accept any help that is offer…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all it is another chilly start here this morning at 4ºC but still dry and no frost or snow so not too bad.  Just when you think you have caught up on the laundry you notice that the bin is full again. This is a race I am never going to win. However, I am at least down to one basket of dirty stuff.  The ironing is up to date so I am starting with a clean slate so to speak.
The boiled ham went down well yesterday and the liquid was just the right saltiness to make soup so it is now a pot full of lentil and vegetable soup which will do fine for lunch today.  Instead of the usual bread, I thought I might rustle up some cheese scones to go with the soup.  Then moving on I have no idea what will be on the supper menu.  I haven't done a proper shop since Christmas so I may just have to bite the bullet and do some shopping.  
I have booked my nails in for Thursday and my hair for Friday and Dan is off to see the ladies tomorrow so he will be the first to be beautiful. He see…

Monday morning

Good morning all another perishing day here no frost but bitterly cold at 3ºC.  It is however dry so no chance of snow for the moment.  I am finally up to date with the laundry most of which has dangled around drying in the front room.  I have been doing the ironing in dribs and drabs and only have a small pile left.  
The recipe for swede soup which I put up yesterday was really very tasty and from my perspective nicer than the parsnip equivalent which I find too sweet.  I had made rather a lot so the dogs got their biscuits soaked in the leftovers and they too agreed it was fine.  I boiled the ham yesterday and it will feature on today's menu.  Hot with mustard sauce boiled potatoes and cabbage after that it will be cold in various forms.

Denzil is on a weeks holiday so the dogs got a nice long walk and much to our surprise someone actually recognised him as a Spinone most think he is a labradoodle.  I can see how the mistake is made but if you see them side by side it becomes …

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  It is cold dry and windy here this morning but no frost.  We are on high ground so frost is seldom a problem but we do get hammered by the wind.  After yesterdays thoughts on doing some patchwork I watched a couple of videos on the net and frightened myself to death I think it is just a lot of work that I really don't need.  I would also have to buy all the equipment to do the cutting and I know it will not get used a second time.  At this stage of my life, I am trying to cut down on work not increase it.   I think I will just stick with knitting a crochet which at least doesn't take up a whole room and I can pick up and put down at will.  It is my instinct not to waste things and yards of fabric going in the bin feels wrong but I think I will have to bite the bullet and let them go.

I was chatting with my friend on the phone last night and she found a recipe for a spiced swede soup and as I happen to have a lonely swede I will have a go at it today.  The r…

Saturday Morning

Good morning all it is still pitch dark outside and the temperature has dropped to 3 degrees so much colder.  The house looks like a Chinese laundry with stuff draped all over the place but I think I have finally caught up on the washing.  The new machine seems to be working fine and the clothes are coming out clean.  Yesterday saw the bedding put through now, of course, the ironing beckons.
I am still motoring through stuff bought for Christmas but it is at last dwindling I have a piece of ham which is in the freezer and I think it will be brought out and defrosted today then boiled and finally roast.  While that is happening I will make a potato and chorizo stew for today's lunch.  I was feeling a bit queasy yesterday so actually only ate a cheese and tomato sandwich.  Today I feel much more on form so I will have my usual breakfast of hardboiled eggs.  Funny how you suddenly find something you really like.  All my life I have avoided breakfast as I really can't stomach swe…

Thursday morning

Good morning all it is a nice mild morning but I believe we are in for another dose of rain today.  The laundry gods were on my side yesterday the new machine was in place by 9.30am and filled with the first load.  I am gradually working my way through the piles of clothes and also trying to get to grips with the 13 different programmes, one of which is for duvets.  The programme which appeals to me most is the short 30-minute one which I think will be enough for most of my clothing as it doesn't tend to get too soiled unless I have been cooking and got grease over myself.  Sadly I think machines are way to complex for what is needed but I am not complaining.  Following the instruction manual, you could have just one item for each of the washes which is stupid.  Anyway, I am pleased to have it no more taking the laundry to the river and bashing it on a stone.
I decided, in the end, to make lunch the pot roast and the other half of the meat was cubed for stewing.   The result was …

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all.  Today is the washing machine delivery day and of course, I would like it to arrive now but if the usual sod's law is operational it will not come until 5pm.  I don't know about you but waiting is one thing I am really bad at.  If you have ever seen a tiger pacing up and down its enclosure that is me waiting for something.
First I will answer Joy's question I got the spring cleaning checklist from the Molly Maid website this is the URL  There are also some good tips on how to clean various things.  The list is very simple but a good reminder.  I actually made a start yesterday with the cooker hood which was a disgrace and thick with grease.  It is now pristine but as it is a messy job I took an old towel to cover the hotplate while I got stuck into the hood which then dripped everywhere.  Anyway, one job is done and plenty more to go.  
The dogs were filthy after a run around the field and fortunately, the tide w…

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all sorry to be late but been chatting over the wires with my sister.  I was expecting the wonderful Dennie today but she hasn't come so it will probably be next week.  I can't remember what we had agreed but it doesn't matter anyway.  Yesterday was wet and warm it rained the whole day not heavily but constantly, however, today it is colder and dryer.  
While trawling about on the internet I found a pdf checklist for spring cleaning so I decided to print it off.  This was the point at which I discovered that the computer no longer spoke to the printer.  After much fiddling, I finally realised that the new router was to blame and once I fed the code into the printer off it went.  So, so far I have bought all that is needed for cleaning, I have a checklist but all that is lacking is the will to get started.  As the fridge is all but empty I might just start by giving that a birthday.  
In my Christmas delivery of meat, there is a large piece of topside which of…


Happy New Year