Wednesday Morning

Good morning all and it is a good morning the men are coming this afternoon to finish off my garden and move the 2 tons of slate.  I must admit that I had a bit of the colly wobbles yesterday when I hadn't heard from them and had visions of me moving the slate myself with a teaspoon. So a big sigh of relief.  I have just looked at the weather forecast and guess what it is going to rain!!!!

I had a lovely day with Sandy and her new puppy who is still so tiny but not phased by my enormous dogs!!!  They played together well but it was difficult to curb their enthusiasm as one small tap from one of Dan's paws was enough to flatten the pup. Dan has no comprehension that he is not chiwawa and when he plays with Tubby he usually comes off worst despite his size and strength.

The knitting is underway and I am very glad I had a dry run of the pattern first as it is more complex than I thought.  Anyway, it will keep me occupied for some time!!!!

I am going to keep this short as I have a pile of things to do today nothing important just the usual household chores.  Shiona is coming tomorrow so I will have to have a hunt through the freezer for something nice for lunch.

Have a good day and wish me luck with the weather this afternoon.

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