Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Every cloud has a silver lining well mine is that I have motored through the infinity scarf and finished it.  Keeping my hands busy was my therapy so I knitted like crazy and the scarf is now done including the mind blowing baste off.  Initially, it looked impossible but once you get the hang of it it is not too bad.  The pattern calls for worsted weight which is what we would call aran weight wool.  I have used double knitting which is a bit lighter and frankly quite heavy enough for a scarf.  It does mean that the finished article is a bit smaller but not by much so I am happy with the results.  There is ample to go round my neck twice and to use one twist as a head cover so it should fit the bill for my friend.  Now that I have got the pattern sorted I am going to start another one as I have the wool and the time.  I am sure I will find a home for the next one as my friends are very good at accepting my knitting as gifts.  This first one is in two colours as I was unsure how much yarn it would take and as I had picked up odd balls of wool I didn't want to run out part way through so I thought it safer to use two colours and make sure.  I must remember to put it on the scales this morning and see just how much it weighs I think one 100 gram ball might be enough.  

The aches and pains have largely subsided and I feel almost human this morning.  I must say I put into play something an anaesthetist told me and that is if you know something is going to be painful take the paracetamol straight away as it is easier to stop pain before it starts than it is to stop it once it is established.  That is exactly what I did and yes it works.  I had to laugh as I am now at the age when you don't fall over, you have a fall.  

Today Denny is due and the house is none too bad - I haven't been making a mess - James was on catering duty but he has kept the kitchen reasonable.  I believe that we are in for a deluge today so no washing and the wood I wanted to burn is now getting another wetting.  Perhaps my bonfire will have to wait until November the 5th.  Anyway, it is not urgent just a nuisance.  The car is going into the garage to have its brakes looked at then we can organise the new tyres and that will make us all ready for our adventure.  The last check is to make sure that I have all the additional paraphernalia needed to drive in France.  

Now I need to get my act together and sort out something for lunch as I have both boys here today and while we have got away with living on sandwiches for the last couple of days I think a proper meal is called for.  I have plenty of chicken thighs so I thought I might make poached chicken with salsa verde and a rice pilaf.  I made lots of salsa verde when I had lots of herbs which needed using up.  By the way, my trick of putting soft herbs in oil or melted butter has worked really well and it is lovely to just get a frozen block of chives out to put on some newly boiled potatoes.  It is a great way to use up the excess in a packet rather than throw them away.

Well on that happy note I am off to have a second cup of coffee and a shower then I can get going with what I have planned.  Have a good day all and thanks for your commiseration with my painful experience.

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