Tuesday Morning

Good morning all it is a perfect day at the moment the sun is shining and it is a balmy 14.8 degrees with not a breath of wind or a cloud to see so here we go into August pinch punch and all that.

I am now the proud owner of 2 metric tons of purple slate ready to be barrowed through to the end of the garden.  All I need now is the big strong guys to complete the job.  I was concerned about the bloke who had to deliver the stuff as he was on his own and the pallets the bags are stood on were in a state of collapse and he nearly bust a gut just trying to move them.  Obviously, his employer has never heard of health and safety legislation but I guess he will soon if he continues to exploit his employees.

Sometimes things go really well.  As you know I have duet blinds and the one in my room has had a problem with the double layer as a couple of pieces have come adrift.  Well to cut a long story short the company "Sanderson", who made them have offered to replace all my blinds in October as they are of the opinion that as the whole lot was from one production run there could be problems with the others so they are going to replace all the blinds.  Good companies are good companies and have a good reputation for a reason.  Needless to say, I am delighted.

Once I had got my chores done yesterday I sat and cast on the 240 stitches of the infinity scarf and by the time I had finished I think I had got the hang of the Channel islands cast on.  Then I discovered it was all but impossible to make sure that you didn't have a twist in the stitches anyway after much cursing I got it all up and running and have got started on the pattern.  I think this scarf could take a very long time to knit!!!!!

Today I have an appointment at 9 am to have my nails done I was lucky to get a cancellation as they are very busy at the moment with everyone wanting their nails done for their holidays.  Then Sandy is coming over with her puppy so that should be fun.  I think I will do a simple lunch of bassa fillets and salads for lunch.  I have made some baked apples as Denzil brought home loads from work and with a splash of double cream they should make a good dessert.

Shiona is back from Scotland and is coming over on Thursday so I will have to plan something nice for our lunch as I will not have the car as James is doing an airport run for his friend.  I quite fancy a corned beef hash and a mixed salad.  Nice and easy and it can all be prepared ahead of schedule.  Not very fancy but very tasty and not much work.

Well that is the plan let hope it all runs smoothly and the guys get back to me with a date for the finishing of the garden.
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