Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was November here cold and wet and when I say wet I mean it poured the whole day. Great for the garden but not much fun for us humans who were confined to barracks. 

The infinity scarf has gone to Elaine, for whom it was made, and she was duly delighted and I am now part way through the next one.  I don't think I will have a problem getting rid of the odd scarf and if push comes to shove there is always the charity shop.  Now that I have the pattern embedded in my brain it makes knitting so much easier and as the pattern cost me quite a lot with all the videos I feel obligated to make more than one scarf.  The yarn is peanuts as it is the left overs from the wool shop.

I was in a bit of a muddle yesterday as I thought the tyres were being done but it is actually today yesterday was a trip to the dentist for James who has a filling which keeps falling out.  Anyway, that is done so now it is tyres today and I must do some shopping as I have a list a mile long of cleaning stuff that is required.  I seem to run out of everything at once - laundry soap, washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs and so on.  Really boring purchases.  Wouldn't it be nice if you got a monthly delivery of all that sort of stuff?  I suppose if I were really well organised it would not be that difficult to set up.  

As yesterday was so wet I spent quite some time in the kitchen making an assortment of things all of which seemed to make shed loads of washing up.  I need a kitchen porter badly!!!  I begin to lose the will to live by the time I get the fourth sink of washing up and it is not even lunch time yet. Perhaps I am just messy.  

On today's menu, there are some chicken kebabs for lunch and James wants a bacon cheese and potato pie so badly he went and bought the ingredients so I guess that is also something to make.  In fact, I might try getting him to make it so he has the skills to do it himself.  It is not rocket science and he is pretty good in the kitchen.

It is not raining here at the moment and according to the weather forecast we are in for a sunny day, well it hasn't reached here yet, it is dull and overcast and a mere 13 degrees.  It is really crazy when you have to break out a duvet in August.  One of my friends who lives in Essex had to be rescued by the fire brigade as the rain was causing flooding in her village.  Fortunately, we are at the top of a hill so it is never likely to be a problem for us.  We get the wind instead.

Well, my breakfast has just arrived so I had better stop scribbling an eat it while it is hot.
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