Thursday morning

Good morning all

Perhaps not exactly Zen but much better than head high weeds.  The poor blokes did all the work in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon.  I took these photos before the sun was fully up so they are not the best however you get the general idea.  As you can see with all the rain it is peppered with leaves already but you can't have everything.  The tree you see in the foreground is a damson which has planted itself and it is loaded with fruit so we have left it in place but I think its days are numbered.

I am hugely relieved that the job is done and at a minimal cost the piece of hard standing in the centre is where the hen house stood and it seemed a bit pointless to dig it up.  I think it will look a bit better once I have had the pressure washer over it.  It also shows up the fact that the fence could use a coat of paint as could the sheds.  It seems to me that as much as you try to catch up it only shows up jobs still to do.  If we have a few dry days I will have a big bonfire and get some of the timber burnt off which will tidy up some of the messy bits you can't see.  I usually pressure wash the green house but you need a nice hot day to do that as you get completely soaked in the process.  I think my sister would have loved to do it as it was 42 degree in Montefino. I sincerely hope it has cooled down before we go as I don't think I could tolerate such heat.  My cousin has invited James and I to swing by Trieste on our way just one problem it is about 500 miles extra added to our journey.  Anyway, it is kind of him to offer.

Today Shiona is coming over and she will be very surprised as she hasn't seen the garden since the major clear up.  There is still plenty that needs doing but the back of it has been broken and I feel more able to cope with the remaining jobs.  For lunch today I thought I would do a bastardised paella and salad using one of the Iceland super fish medlies and some chicken thighs.

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