Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was one of those days when I really should have stayed in bed.  I felt tired after a restless night but motored on anyway.  I had tons of carrots so I decided to make a carrot ginger and TURMERIC soup.  So far not a problem until I decided to blitz it in the thermomix. Those of you who have one know there is a clear plastic cup that forms part of the lid well once I got the thing up to speeds sufficient to break free of earth's orbit part of the cup fell off into the mix.  At this point, the whole machine tried to leave the planet and started bouncing about making the most horrendous noise but better still sending out huge plumes of boiling magma.  I tried in vain to stop the machine only succeeding when I switched it off at the plug.  By this time the entire kitchen floor, ceiling, walls and windows were covered in soup and I had not escaped the disaster I too was covered from head to foot.  I can hear you laughing already, let me remind you the soup had turmeric in it so if you are going to have such a disaster it would never happen with warm soapy water, would it?  The kitchen ceiling is irretrievable and will not be right without a coat of paint.  Turmeric stains!!!!! James heard the expletives emanating from the kitchen and came to investigate and between us we had to set to and clean everything and I mean everything every cupboard wall floor you name it it was covered in soup.  The only small glimmer of light was that I wasn't wearing a white shirt I was still paddling around in my dark purple dressing gown which even turmeric can't stain.  I had obviously done something to anger the kitchen gods and meanwhile, I was cooking a Sunday type lunch with my other hand.  Once the disaster was cleared up and lunch was served I abandoned the kitchen as I decided I was not safe on my own as I was not firing on all cylinders. I spent the afternoon knitting which is a fairly harmless pass time and much less risky.

The kitchen this morning is clean but piled up with clean washing up and today I will have to reassemble the place.  This is one of the drawbacks to having all your equipment at hand rather than a homes and gardens kitchen with just a single bud vase on display.  Well, I suppose it has made me clean everything so it is not all bad, but that is after a nights sleep and time to rationalise things it is not what I thought yesterday!!!! If you fancy haphazard orange streaks in your hair this is a very cheap way to accomplish it.

Today the washing machine will be going on and I will try to reclaim some of my tea towels.  There is a litre of soup saved but I really can't bring myself to eat it so it may go in one of two places the freezer or down the sink.  At the moment option B down the sink is my favoured option.  I never want to see turmeric again.

On that happy note, I will leave you to your peaceful Sunday and warn you to stay away from machines if you are not the full ticket and certainly stay away from turmeric.

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