Saturday morning

Good morning all, another week gone but lots achieved.  It is very dull and we have had rain overnight so it's pretty chilly.  Yesterday was gorgeous but I spent most of it catching up with the shopping.  James set to and made the bacon cheese and potato pie which was scrumptious.  He is quite good in the kitchen and quiet enjoys cooking from time to time.  I am always delighted to have help with the endlessness of meal production. Today we are having a roast chicken nice and easy and several meals for us and one for the dogs.  It is a bit odd to cook at the moment as it should be salad weather but is actually stew and dumplings temperatures.  I don't know about global warming I think we are heading for an ice age.  When you need a duvet in August something is out of kilter.

Just a short one today lots to do so I am eager to get going.  Have a great weekend.
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