Monday morning

Good morning all.  Well as predicted I feel as if I have been hit by a steamroller.  No actual damage just muscular and bruising so no treatment required except a bit of TLC and light duties.  I have been motoring on with the infinity scarf and only have the final border and mega difficult bind off.  Then blocking and weaving in the tails and I am done.  I hope to get the knitting done today, fortunately, my hands didn't get bashed but my toes did.  

Anyway enough of my woes, my next door neighbour [the barking dogs one] brought me round a raspberry pie which she had made with my fruit with hangs over the fence and I have asked them to help themselves rather than see them go to waste.  As luck would have it Denzil came home with some clotted cream so just perfect.

The sun is shining and it looks like we might have a second dry day in which case one more should see the timber dry enough to burn.  I have been looking for three dry days in a row but as yet we have not managed it.  Not that I am complaining as the garden is very happy with the constant watering.

I think all the bulbs will arrive while I am on holiday so it will be a job waiting for me when I return but first I need to lay in some supplies of potting compost for the various pots.  

The car is going in for some new tyres and a brake check before we set out so I hope I have covered every eventuality and the journey should go smoothly.  I will try and take some snaps of the trip so I can bore you with them when I return.  Of course, we need a whole load of stuff for the continental journey high viz jackets, light bulbs, triangles, light deflectors etc and so on.  For my part, the most important thing is a decent first aid kit and I have a dog first aid kit in the car at all times but I have added a few extras for the humans so that is taken care of.  And as we are not flying I can take my penknife which goes everywhere with me.  I have a nice swiss army knife which has lots of useful gadgets.  I have a fridge which fits in the car so I can take food with us so we need not stop for lunch we can have a picnic instead then dinner in a hotel or restaurant.  My mother always did a selection of cucumber salad, tomato salad, potato salad and egg and breadcrumbed chicken pieces which we always ate on the top of the St Gotthard in the snow.  There is a cafe at the top but it is daylight robbery so best avoided.  However with the tunnel that is now a thing of the past.

I am off to knit and rest my weary bones - the boys can take over and sort out lunch and dinner. James made some wonderful meat balls and pasta in a lovely tomato sauce - good job I taught him well.
Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to have some.
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