Wednesday morning

Good morning all the first scarf is done and I have started another one this time in one colour as I now know how much yarn it takes.  It weighs 68 grams so a 100-gram ball should be enough.  This is always a problem I find with American patterns.  Anyway, I have tried it on and it does the job going twice around the neck and leaving enough to pull up over your head if needed.

Yesterday morning it was due to rain and there was a weather warning out for London some 30 miles away, so I made plans for a wet day.  The next door neighbours [without dogs] were preparing for a birthday party stringing up bunting all around the garden. It was their eldest sons 8th birthday and I was so sad as I was sure it would be a washout.  However, the rain gods were smiling and we stayed dry and the kids had a whale of a time shrieking and yelling and careering around the garden.  Some times luck is on your side.  I had held off doing the laundry now it is a priority today so it will probably pour with rain.

The brakes on the car have been done and today we are having two new front tyres fitted which will be the final car preparation for the trip.  The tyres have more life in them but not 2000 miles worth so best done now.  I don't fancy a blow out on the autostrada.   

On today's menu I have runner beans and new potatoes now I need to find something to go with them.  I have some pork belly strips which I will cook with a bodged up barbecue sauce.  I have little or no idea about barbecue sauce I just make it up as I go along from the ingredients lying around in the cupboards.  Worchester sauce, tomato ketchup, maple syrup and a couple of cloves of garlic should do fine.  I also have some grated courgettes draining in the sink ready to make pancakes but I have just discovered no eggs!!!!  disaster!!! I will have to send a minion on a shopping trip. 

Well, that is today's plan so time to make a start.
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