Friday morning

Good morning all - well today we have brilliant sunshine in a nearly cloudless sky.    I believe that this type of cloud is called mares tails by sailors and it shows strong winds but very high in the sky.

Apparently, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has nothing to do with British weather - well you could have fooled me.  If there is one thing that is uncertain it is the UK weather.  Yesterday was supposed to be fine but it was another wet one.  Today looks good but who knows how long it will last.  

There was a bit of a muddle over the car tyres and the guy had to come back in the afternoon as he had ordered the wrong size tyres anyway all done now so I feel we have done everything possible to make sure we have an event free journey across Europe.  I spent some time converting a dress into a skirt.   It is a long time since I have done any sewing and I decided it would be quicker to hand stitch than to get out the machine.  When I think back I used to do a lot of sewing and was quite adept at making trousers as I had two boys frilly dresses were out.  It must be wonderful to make your own clothes but I am not skilled enough and my sewing machine would be considered an antique.  My English grandmother was a very skilled needle woman and as they had a chicken farm she made eiderdowns as well as lots of embroideries.  She was one of those people who seemed to be able to do anything knitting, sewing, tatting, crochet you name it she could do it.  I must have learned the basics from her but all I can remember is it was my job to tidy up the sewing silks which were always in a mess.

My shopping trip got deferred yesterday and today both cars are in use so I will have a peaceful shower and make some burgers for lunch then when the boys have done their errands I might get to go out myself.  None of my shopping is urgent so it can wait.  James is off to buy the kit of debris for the French gendarmes so we will be guarenteed not to be stopped.  How crazy is it to insist that you have a set of light bulbs - the fact that it is impossible to change a car bulb without an entire garage full of equipment is neither here not there and the fact that they don't actually fit the car seems immaterial.  Halfords sell a kit of universal bulbs for just this purpose.  

Well, that is the plan for the day I am having a bit of a late start as I was awake for a good portion of the night and so slept in.  Have a good day especially if you are blessed with some sun.......

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