Friday Morning

Good morning all this morning we are being treated to a nice dose of sunshine with a gentle breeze blowing.  The garden is looking nice and tidy now it needs an injection of flowering plants to fill the gaps and some decent ground cover/mulch in a few places.  Once the bulbs start arriving I can get going and fill up the empty spaces.  It is nice to feel so positive about the garden after years of just trying to forget it.  I had thought of getting a Japanese type lantern for the middle of the new zen bit but as I already had the large flower pot I thought I might just as well use what I have.  There is an assortment of pots around the garden all of which could be filled with bulbs so now I need to get some potting compost so I can fill them.  And of course, there is still the greenhouse to be dealt with.

Shiona hadn't seen the garden since the grand transformation and she was duly impressed so much so that she has asked for the men's number so that she can contact them as she too has plenty of work which needs doing.  Her garden is vast by comparison with mine but it is mostly laid to grass which takes her a whole day to mow.  It is a sad fact that as you get older you are less able to keep the garden under control.  I have been looking at bungalows in the local area and many have gardens which have gone to wrack and ruin no doubt due to their elderly residents.  There comes a point when it is a challenge just to keep yourself going never mind the garden.

The fake paella worked out really well and I am sure no one would be any the wiser if you didn't own up to using the fish bits from Iceland.  While I was in the cooking frame of mind I also made a spinach and cheese tart which did us nicely for supper and my pot of Cicoria provided us with salad. Today I have a navarin of lamb ready to go for lunch all it needs is a few peas and some potatoes so a nice easy day in the kitchen.  It is currently in a bit of a mess everything has been washed up but left to drain and dry and now it needs putting away.

If it stays dry today I hope we might get a bonfire going this evening so we can burn off some of the excess timber and broken pallets.

I have made some headway with my knitting and I am so glad I did a dry run first as I now find it much easier to read the pattern and also the work makes more sense to me.

Well, that is the plan but first, more coffee is required.

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