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Wednesday Morning

Good morning all sorry about yesterday I had a bit of a down day and all I wanted to do was sleep so I did.  Some times it is nice to do just what you want rather than what you know you should.  The new cup for the thermomix has arrived so hopefully all is now well.  The postman also brought me a letter with the appointment for my cataract surgery.  Really well organised I specifically stated I was out of the country from the 17th September so when do think they have booked me in 22nd September brilliant.  Obviously, the extra layer of paper pushers has had a big effect!!!!!  Anyway, I will ring them today and try and sort this out. Still, I suppose it could have been worse it could have been the day before we are due to leave which would have left me with a dilemma.  
Today we are very overcast with thick cloud overhead and I believe there is rain to come for some of us.  I am sitting here watching a family of black birds attacking a ripe fig.  I try to get to them before either the…

Monday morning

Good morning all.  The sun is trying to shine this morning but there is a quite a bit of light cloud in the sky so it is a bit hazy.  I got all the laundry done yesterday so today is a bit of ironing and folding and putting away.  I had some pastry in the fridge which needed to be used up so I made a tart with the left overs of the bacon and some spuds onions red pepper and a piece of mouse trap cheese.  all the items were on the blink so I cleared up a lot of bits in one go and it made a very nice quiche which got quickly devoured.  Today I have a bucket of chicken stock so a mushroom risotto is in order.  I also have some dill which I am going to put under oil and freeze and hope it maintains its flavour.  The other herbs that I have done this with have been quite successful especially the chives which keep their flavour well.  It is so nice and easy to get a cube out of the freezer and throw it on top of some hot potatoes and no one is any the wiser.  Talking of chives I bought a …

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was one of those days when I really should have stayed in bed.  I felt tired after a restless night but motored on anyway.  I had tons of carrots so I decided to make a carrot ginger and TURMERIC soup.  So far not a problem until I decided to blitz it in the thermomix. Those of you who have one know there is a clear plastic cup that forms part of the lid well once I got the thing up to speeds sufficient to break free of earth's orbit part of the cup fell off into the mix.  At this point, the whole machine tried to leave the planet and started bouncing about making the most horrendous noise but better still sending out huge plumes of boiling magma.  I tried in vain to stop the machine only succeeding when I switched it off at the plug.  By this time the entire kitchen floor, ceiling, walls and windows were covered in soup and I had not escaped the disaster I too was covered from head to foot.  I can hear you laughing already, let me remind you the soup…

Saturday morning

Good morning all, another week gone but lots achieved.  It is very dull and we have had rain overnight so it's pretty chilly.  Yesterday was gorgeous but I spent most of it catching up with the shopping.  James set to and made the bacon cheese and potato pie which was scrumptious.  He is quite good in the kitchen and quiet enjoys cooking from time to time.  I am always delighted to have help with the endlessness of meal production. Today we are having a roast chicken nice and easy and several meals for us and one for the dogs.  It is a bit odd to cook at the moment as it should be salad weather but is actually stew and dumplings temperatures.  I don't know about global warming I think we are heading for an ice age.  When you need a duvet in August something is out of kilter.

Just a short one today lots to do so I am eager to get going.  Have a great weekend.

Friday morning

Good morning all - well today we have brilliant sunshine in a nearly cloudless sky.    I believe that this type of cloud is called mares tails by sailors and it shows strong winds but very high in the sky.

Apparently, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has nothing to do with British weather - well you could have fooled me.  If there is one thing that is uncertain it is the UK weather.  Yesterday was supposed to be fine but it was another wet one.  Today looks good but who knows how long it will last.  
There was a bit of a muddle over the car tyres and the guy had to come back in the afternoon as he had ordered the wrong size tyres anyway all done now so I feel we have done everything possible to make sure we have an event free journey across Europe.  I spent some time converting a dress into a skirt.   It is a long time since I have done any sewing and I decided it would be quicker to hand stitch than to get out the machine.  When I think back I used to do a lot of sewing and was…

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was November here cold and wet and when I say wet I mean it poured the whole day. Great for the garden but not much fun for us humans who were confined to barracks. 
The infinity scarf has gone to Elaine, for whom it was made, and she was duly delighted and I am now part way through the next one.  I don't think I will have a problem getting rid of the odd scarf and if push comes to shove there is always the charity shop.  Now that I have the pattern embedded in my brain it makes knitting so much easier and as the pattern cost me quite a lot with all the videos I feel obligated to make more than one scarf.  The yarn is peanuts as it is the left overs from the wool shop.
I was in a bit of a muddle yesterday as I thought the tyres were being done but it is actually today yesterday was a trip to the dentist for James who has a filling which keeps falling out.  Anyway, that is done so now it is tyres today and I must do some shopping as I have a list a mil…

Wednesday morning

Good morning all the first scarf is done and I have started another one this time in one colour as I now know how much yarn it takes.  It weighs 68 grams so a 100-gram ball should be enough.  This is always a problem I find with American patterns.  Anyway, I have tried it on and it does the job going twice around the neck and leaving enough to pull up over your head if needed.
Yesterday morning it was due to rain and there was a weather warning out for London some 30 miles away, so I made plans for a wet day.  The next door neighbours [without dogs] were preparing for a birthday party stringing up bunting all around the garden. It was their eldest sons 8th birthday and I was so sad as I was sure it would be a washout.  However, the rain gods were smiling and we stayed dry and the kids had a whale of a time shrieking and yelling and careering around the garden.  Some times luck is on your side.  I had held off doing the laundry now it is a priority today so it will probably pour with …

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Every cloud has a silver lining well mine is that I have motored through the infinity scarf and finished it.  Keeping my hands busy was my therapy so I knitted like crazy and the scarf is now done including the mind blowing baste off.  Initially, it looked impossible but once you get the hang of it it is not too bad.  The pattern calls for worsted weight which is what we would call aran weight wool.  I have used double knitting which is a bit lighter and frankly quite heavy enough for a scarf.  It does mean that the finished article is a bit smaller but not by much so I am happy with the results.  There is ample to go round my neck twice and to use one twist as a head cover so it should fit the bill for my friend.  Now that I have got the pattern sorted I am going to start another one as I have the wool and the time.  I am sure I will find a home for the next one as my friends are very good at accepting my knitting as gifts.  This first one is in two colours as I w…

Monday morning

Good morning all.  Well as predicted I feel as if I have been hit by a steamroller.  No actual damage just muscular and bruising so no treatment required except a bit of TLC and light duties.  I have been motoring on with the infinity scarf and only have the final border and mega difficult bind off.  Then blocking and weaving in the tails and I am done.  I hope to get the knitting done today, fortunately, my hands didn't get bashed but my toes did.  
Anyway enough of my woes, my next door neighbour [the barking dogs one] brought me round a raspberry pie which she had made with my fruit with hangs over the fence and I have asked them to help themselves rather than see them go to waste.  As luck would have it Denzil came home with some clotted cream so just perfect.
The sun is shining and it looks like we might have a second dry day in which case one more should see the timber dry enough to burn.  I have been looking for three dry days in a row but as yet we have not managed it.  N…

Sunday morning

Sorry for dropping off the wires just in case you thought I had also dropped off my perch.  I'm fine but have taken a tumble down my stairs - the first time in 40 years. Anyway, I have banged and bruised bits of me that I didn't know existed so I am taking it easy.  Hot baths paracetamol and bed rest.  It will pass nothing is permanently damaged except my pride.  And guess what today is a lovely sunny day and yesterday was wet and stormy - got that round the wrong way!!!!!

Friday Morning

Good morning all this morning we are being treated to a nice dose of sunshine with a gentle breeze blowing.  The garden is looking nice and tidy now it needs an injection of flowering plants to fill the gaps and some decent ground cover/mulch in a few places.  Once the bulbs start arriving I can get going and fill up the empty spaces.  It is nice to feel so positive about the garden after years of just trying to forget it.  I had thought of getting a Japanese type lantern for the middle of the new zen bit but as I already had the large flower pot I thought I might just as well use what I have.  There is an assortment of pots around the garden all of which could be filled with bulbs so now I need to get some potting compost so I can fill them.  And of course, there is still the greenhouse to be dealt with.
Shiona hadn't seen the garden since the grand transformation and she was duly impressed so much so that she has asked for the men's number so that she can contact them as sh…

Thursday morning

Good morning all

Perhaps not exactly Zen but much better than head high weeds.  The poor blokes did all the work in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon.  I took these photos before the sun was fully up so they are not the best however you get the general idea.  As you can see with all the rain it is peppered with leaves already but you can't have everything.  The tree you see in the foreground is a damson which has planted itself and it is loaded with fruit so we have left it in place but I think its days are numbered.
I am hugely relieved that the job is done and at a minimal cost the piece of hard standing in the centre is where the hen house stood and it seemed a bit pointless to dig it up.  I think it will look a bit better once I have had the pressure washer over it.  It also shows up the fact that the fence could use a coat of paint as could the sheds.  It seems to me that as much as you try to catch up it only shows up jobs still to do.  If we have a few dry days I will ha…

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all and it is a good morning the men are coming this afternoon to finish off my garden and move the 2 tons of slate.  I must admit that I had a bit of the colly wobbles yesterday when I hadn't heard from them and had visions of me moving the slate myself with a teaspoon. So a big sigh of relief.  I have just looked at the weather forecast and guess what it is going to rain!!!!
I had a lovely day with Sandy and her new puppy who is still so tiny but not phased by my enormous dogs!!!  They played together well but it was difficult to curb their enthusiasm as one small tap from one of Dan's paws was enough to flatten the pup. Dan has no comprehension that he is not chiwawa and when he plays with Tubby he usually comes off worst despite his size and strength.

The knitting is underway and I am very glad I had a dry run of the pattern first as it is more complex than I thought.  Anyway, it will keep me occupied for some time!!!!

I am going to keep this short as I have …

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all it is a perfect day at the moment the sun is shining and it is a balmy 14.8 degrees with not a breath of wind or a cloud to see so here we go into August pinch punch and all that.

I am now the proud owner of 2 metric tons of purple slate ready to be barrowed through to the end of the garden.  All I need now is the big strong guys to complete the job.  I was concerned about the bloke who had to deliver the stuff as he was on his own and the pallets the bags are stood on were in a state of collapse and he nearly bust a gut just trying to move them.  Obviously, his employer has never heard of health and safety legislation but I guess he will soon if he continues to exploit his employees.
Sometimes things go really well.  As you know I have duet blinds and the one in my room has had a problem with the double layer as a couple of pieces have come adrift.  Well to cut a long story short the company "Sanderson", who made them have offered to replace all my blinds i…