Wednesday Morning

Good morning all surprisingly we have just had a shower of rain.  Not enough to do any good but just enough to wet everything.

This is yesterday's bodged paella which actually worked OK.  I did as I said and let the juices of the frozen fish drain into the rice cooking pot and then added saffron, peppers and chorizo and cooked the rice in that. Once it was done I reintroduced the shellfish and already cooked chicken and just allowed them to warm through.  The flavours were close to the real thing even if the cooking method was not.  Dan was hovering asking to be included so I offered him some on a plate his face was a picture - yuck you know I don't do fish - he was not even prepared to risk picking out the chicken.

My visit to the optician was as expected and my diagnosis was correct I have a fast growing cataract in my left eye just as I did in my right.  Those of you who have been reading for years will know that when I had the right eye done it was absolutely no problem and I was only in hospital from 8.30 to 11 am which also included tea and biscuits. Apparently, the waiting time is about 4 to 6 weeks well actually this has been going on for some time and as luck would have it it is likely to clash with my holiday so I have pointed out that I will be out of the country until October.  The eye hospital is only 5 minutes drive from the house so it is no big deal.  The only difficulty I have had is my shooting aim is off and I have to remember to shoot down the right-hand side of the clays if I am to stand a chance of hitting them.  Once this eye is done I might have to make some readjustment to allow for the new lens.  Anyway, it is nothing to worry about and I am much more concerned about the garden!!!

I wanted to put up the video of my weeds but it was too big for the blogger to deal with so I stuck it on my facebook page.  Once the guys have been and cleared and sprayed hopefully it will look better. It is a nice garden with interesting plants and lots of different areas so it is a pity to let it fall into total disrepair. It might also fire me up to doing a bit more in the garden.  At the moment I feel like a hoarder where the task is just too much to cope with so I close my eyes and walk away.

As we are going to Italy in the car I have suggested to my sister that she might like a halogen oven as transport is not an issue.  Those of us who have them are total converts and as she is on her own it would be ideal for a single person.  I use mine all the time and wouldn't be without it.  I have yet to find a better way to cook a chicken.

Well, that about it for today time I started to think about what I am going to make for lunch.  I have a big bag of spinach so I feel a spinach and cheese tart coming on the last one went down well. 

This you won't believe I cut a salad from this pot two days ago and it is already needing cutting again!!!!
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