Wednesday morning

Good morning all, at last, some rain ☔️. The bamboos are bent double with water

 I went to check on my apricots not a single one left the squirrels/pigeons have eaten them all even though not ripe. Grrrr...... On the upside, I did find lots of lovely red dessert gooseberries which got added to my rhubarb and ginger.  There was also enough Cicoria to make another salad.  It grows at one hell of a rate so it's a good job I only planted a potful. I tried to do a bit of gardening but soon gave up as next door's dogs went mad barking, no one is allowed in our garden without a lot of noise from the dogs it is very frustrating.

It started to rain around lunch time yesterday and has continued right through the night and is still raining now.  This is the perfect type of rain for the garden slow and steady but for a long time and the temperature is down to 14ºC lovely and cool and comfortable for sleeping.

Dan has been to the hairdressers and looks and smells gorgeous - I don't know what shampoo they use but he smells like butterscotch.  He came home knackered it is quite amazing how tired he gets from a day of unusual stimulation.  The students all love him so I think he gets spoiled as well as groomed.  I think he is their only Spinone customer so he is also a bit of a novelty.  The cries of "oh great it's Dan", lead me to believe he has a good time.  The trained staff always make sure that the students do a good job so everyone benefits.  I would take a photo but he is sound asleep in bed he doesn't get up until about 7.30 and then only for a toilet break then quickly back to bed.  I had a bit of leftover risotto which I offered him as a treat, well, you would have thought I had shovelled soil into his bowl. He gave me his "I don't do fish look" and walked off in disgust.  Tubby soon demolished it for him, he does anything remotely resembling food.

I have a load of washing in the machine but it is going to stay there for a while and hopefully, I can get it out to dry later in the day.  I have a mile long shopping list so I think this morning will be spent in Aldi restocking bleach and furniture polish etc.  As yet I haven't a clue what we will have for lunch but I do have a load of broad beans in my veg box so I am going to make them into a sort of houmous as they are a bit big and old.  It is quite a bit of work to shuck them, boil them, then skin them before blending but hopefully worth the effort.

I have finished my supplies of wax and I have handed out cheese wrappers to all and sundry.  The clothes should last about a year so I will not need to make more for some time.  I must say that they do keep cheese very well and are well worth the effort.  Should you be tempted I have tried both the ironing and oven methods and would recommend the oven as the most effective.

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