Wednesday morning

Good morning all I had a day of total indolence yesterday, which gave my back the rest it needed we had sushi for lunch already made and supper was a take away so I was not chained to the kitchen sink for the day.  Instead, I knitted another shawl but in the sparkly Firefly yarn now all I have left to do is attach the fringe which is probably the worst part of the project.  I have ordered sufficient to make shawls for all my friends who don't have one yet.  I thought I had better get the yarn while I still can as it is no longer in production. They knit up so quickly and make nice gifts and the yarn is now half the price it was so it seemed a good idea.

Shiona is coming over today to collect a torch which I had to dash out to Aldi and buy yesterday and believe me it was no mean feat as I had to drive round the car park three times before I could find a space.  The place was absolutely heaving but if you see something you fancy advertised it is a case of when it is gone it is gone so you do have to strike quickly.  Shiona doesn't have an Aldi anywhere near her so I am her Aldi person.

Today I don't have to do lunch as we are going to try out the new Greek restaurant at the top of the road.  It used to be a Lloyds bank in the past and from what I have heard it is nice so we will have to see.  The mixed mezze for two is £25 which is reasonable.  

I have also been in contact with a lady who is starting a company which will sell something called Ecofoam which is miraculous and cleans just about anything you care to mention.  She is not in production yet but is going to send me a sample to try and I have promised to give it write up on my blog once it is readily available.  Shiona had some and has gone mad cleaning everything.  I am hopeful that it will readily remove slobber from my walls without removing the paint.

Well, that's about it for this morning time to get the show on the road and drink more coffee.
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