Tuesday morning

Good morning all I got up this morning and looked at the garden and was pleased yes it is dull and wet but who cares it's tidy.  James went and got me some pins to pin down the fake grass and three rolls of weed suppressant membrane.  Now all that is required is 20 meters of decking board and a few tons of gravel.  Once the chicken run area is covered I will get on and plant millions of bulbs in all the other bare areas and probably a few trays of ground cover plants.  Then hopefully it will just need a bit of maintenance. Yesterday saw the first ripe fig!!!

The boys have got the dash cam up and running which is great as I can play back the video on my iPad and keep any bits of interest. Don't worry I will not be posting 1000 miles of my journey to Montefino.  You can also take stills so if we spot something interesting that might be useful.  

Today the wonderful Denny is due and I know she will be so impressed with the garden as she has been itching to get her hands on it.  I have a pile of laundry to do but the weather looks dismal so it may well have to be the tumble dryer.  It is hard to believe that only a few days ago we were sweltering in the heat and this morning it is down to 13ºC and feels very autumnal.

Today on the menu I have some mince which had been left out over night so rather than freeze it I have cooked it off and now I will have to devise something to do with it.  I may just leave it as mince and serve with jersey royals and a salad or some other greens. Failing that it will end up as either Chilli con Carne or Bolognese or may be a cottage pie.  The possibilities are endless!!!!

I am having a bit of a purge on the freezer which could really use a good turf out of stuff that has been in there for years that I have never got round to using up.  The dogs usually do well when this happens.  I have been freezing herbs in oil for use over the winter and today I am going to do sage and rosemary both of which would be better in melted butter.  Bay leaves are always available from the garden and I have thyme in my window boxes.  Dill and coriander are the herbs I find most difficult to keep so I will have a go at freezing both of those.

Well, that is the plan for the day time to get going before Denny arrives.  

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