Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, well I am insured up to the hilt.  I spent the day on the phone ensuring that I am covered for driving across the continent so the car is insured, a breakdown is covered and my health is covered in case of disaster.  The channel tunnel is booked; James lost then found his passport, big sigh of relief.  I have an appointment with the optician this afternoon and a hair appointment for next week.  Sunday lunch cooked and afterwards I took the gardeners on a guided tour of what needs doing in the garden and they are coming this weekend to do the job - two full days of two blokes = £500 so just what I expected.  I will supervise and make sure I get my money's worth.  The theory is to strim down the weeds then spray with weedkiller.  The chicken run will be dismantled then hopefully I can get the ground covered with bark chippings or some other weed suppressant substance.  If these guys turn out to be good I will then see if I can book them on a monthly basis to keep things under control.  I have brought my iPad downstairs and will try to do a video of before and after.  My thinking is that if I decide to sell the state of the garden will make a difference to the price if it is a jungle it will not add value which would be a pity.

Needless to say, by late afternoon my brain was scrambled and I sat quietly and knitted the last of another shawl so today I will add the fringe. I also have an idea of making a sort of paella from an assortment of bits I have lying around and a pack of the lovely fish things from Iceland.  Not quite authentic but good enough for us.  I have leftover chicken, chorizo, peppers and rice so if I add a pack of fish and one of mussels and some saffron I reckon to be fairly close to the real thing.  I will have to make it in a sort of reverse order and defrost the fish stain out the "gravy" in which to cook the rice then return the fish so it doesn't get badly overcooked.  Well, that is the theory anyway.

It was very warm last night so my fan has been running all night to try and keep the temperature down with little success.  The kitchen looks like a tip so that will have to be my first job.  The chicken carcass made a nice bowl of soup for supper now I will pick over the bones and make a nice breakfast for the dogs.  

Well, that is the holiday booked and as we are going by car I will ask my sister if there is anything large she would like transported as we will have bags of room.  I have a car fridge which I will take so we can take some picnic stuff on the way out and hopefully bring some nice goodies home.  Today is going to be hot so I had better get going before the heat really builds.  Have a good day all.

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