Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Well today I have nothing to moan about yesterday was wonderful.  I was picked up at 10.15 and taken to a spa at the Bridgewood manor hotel for a nice relaxing session.  The swimming pool was at just the right temperature cool but not cold they have heated sun loungers which take all the aches and pains out of your body.  The steam room was also lovely if really hot but you then plunge into a warm shower which comes at you from all directions and blasts you cool again.  After a couple of hours of this trundling back and forth from steam to shower to swim and back again it was sadly time to get dressed.  I always think this is the worst bit as it seem impossible to get properly dry. Then it was off to have a look at the allotment and pull some rhubarb to take home before we made our way to the Greek restaurant.  We order our own meze with an assortment of dishes and a large greek salad.  A perfect ladies lunch of taramosalata, houmous, spanakopita, dolmades and grilled squid.  What more could a girl ask for? then it was back home where I fell into my bed and snoozed the afternoon away.  I had made a pot of soup with pasta and borlotti beans which was a perfect supper and just needed reheating.  What a fantastic day.  

This morning it is beautifully cool at 16.8ºC  The weather forecast has promised us rain everyday but we have still not seen a drop let's hope they get it right today as we are really desperate for some water on the garden.

Today is going to be busy as the wonderful Denny is due and Denzil is taking Dan to the hairdressers and I know he will be really pleased to get rid of some of his big wooly coat.  The other evening I found him lying on his back on the patio with his crown jewels in the breeze he was so hot.  

Anyway the laundry is up to date just a few bits to iron then it can all go away for a while.  The house is a bit of tip as none of us have felt much like doing housework in the heat.  I have however, finished another shawl and am halfway through another.  Somehow if I am knitting I don't consider that doing nothing but at least it keeps you relatively cool thank goodness for fans.

I have been looking into our trip in September and of course suddenly remembered that Switzerland charges you to use their motorways.  I have never understood why we don't do the same then maybe we might have some money to fill in the potholes!!!!!  I see the thousands of lorries which cross the channel each day and use our motorway network surely they should pay something towards upkeep.

Anyway enough of that, time to get the show on the road - today I fancy a seafood risotto and salad for lunch - nice and easy and filling.  I just make a plain risotto then at the last minute stir through a bag of mixed seafood and just give it time to heat through and bobs your uncle.
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