Tuesday morning

Good morning all sorry to be so late but I had a bad night with my back but it is marginally better this morning.  The only problem with resting is it allows me to think up crazy ideas.  I had a long chat with my sister yesterday and I have decided not to send her the shawl but to take it to her.  James and I are going to drive down to Pescara in mid-September in time to eat real peaches.  Warm enough to swim in the Adriatic so kind of ideal.  It is just about 1000 miles so it will take 2-3 days with two drivers taking 4-hour shifts it should be a doddle.  I have driven to Trieste hundreds of times so I know the route as far a Lake Como by heart.  Once past Milan and the other major cities it is a coastal route all the way.  We need to get this done soon as Denzil is hoping to go back to Thailand by Christmas so we will loose our dog sitter.  Cost wise it will make little difference by the time you have added up all the costs of flying not to mention all the hanging around in airports hiring cars on arrival etc.  Best of all we will be our own bosses and can stop as and when we please.  I have a fridge for the car so we can take some grub with us and better still bring some grub home.

Am I completely crazy or is this a nice adventure?  To hell with the garden and the house I have the rest of my life to sort that out.  My sister has two spare bedrooms so she can easily put us up and we will be able to run her around as she can no longer drive.  Sounds like a plan!!!!  James desperately needs a break so it will do him good to get away from the house for a while.

Some research now required to find good insurance for this expedition in case of disaster.  And I will need some hot weather clothes.  Flowing maxi dresses seem to be all the rage so that would do fine.

What do you think?
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