Thursday Morning

Good morning all. It has been raining overnight and it looks like it has more to come. according to the weather forecast, the whole weekend is rain soaked which will be no use for weed killing.
Expletive deleted!!!! 

Poor old Dan had been licking his paw and when I checked it looked like a bee sting but after two days it was getting worse not better so it was time for the vet.  As it turned out he was the fourth dog that day who was in for grass seeds in the paw.  The vet was pleased we had acted so quickly and he managed to dig the seed out without anaesthetic as Dan was so well behaved he didn't even growl he just whimpered.  He is now on a course of antibiotics and has to wear the "cone of shame" to keep him from interfering with his paw.  It is hilarious to watch him as he is not used to his head being 10 times larger and he keeps bumping into everything.

I had a bit of fun in the kitchen and have put herbs under oil and into the freezer using an egg box.
so far I have done chopped chives, basil and rosemary.  I am hopeful that they will keep their flavour better in oil than in water.

I also made an interesting pie which I saw a chef make on you tube.  the crust is made of bacon and the filling is potato onion and cheese. So calorie free!!!!

Needless to say, it got demolished in moments anyway it was fun to make even if it used an entire packet of streaky bacon and only filled a tea plate.  It was delicious and very tasty so you only needed a small bit.  I guess if you want to avoid the carbs you could fill it with spinach or some other vegetable.

Today in 1970 I was in a hospital in Chelmsford giving birth to Denzil - it is his birthday.  He doesn't want any fuss so I might just see if he would like a lunch out at the Greek restaurant.  At the moment he is still fast asleep with Dan curled up beside him.  The stairs are proving quite a problem with the cone on and he cannot use the dog flap so the patio doors are stood open so he can get in and out without too much fuss.

Sod's law is fully operational here the gardening ladies phoned me yesterday apparently there has been some miscommunication and they are still gardening so I must phone them today and get this all sorted out.

Well that the plan for the day all a bit fluid but if it rains all day maybe just as well I have not real plans to do anything exciting.
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