Thursday Morning

Good morning all what a lovely day I had yesterday Shiona took me out for lunch at the new Greek restaurant which is amongst our parade of shops.  Interesting sitting in the shade of the pavement watching the traffic thundering up and down the road.  Still, when you think about it it is more interesting than looking at the walls of the interior.  We had some lovely bits and pieces broad beans nicely dressed, tzatziki, squid both fried and grilled and the most enormous Greek salad which we couldn't quite finish.  It was a perfect lunch for a hot day and we just had to imagine sitting on a beach in a taverna eating our lunch.  

For supper, Denzil had brought home some sirloin steaks which we had with a salad of borlotti beans with the Cicoria which was finally large enough to cut.  I might only have a large pot of it but it was just enough for the three of us.  I spent some time putting salt on the patio in anticipation of the rain we have been forecast for today.  Bye, bye weeds.

Interestingly Denzil generally complains that the managers who run his depot are morons but they successfully proved it yesterday.  They phoned me here to ask to speak to him when I pointed out that he was actually out working for them at the time.  They have put up a notice saying they are overspending on staff costs underneath which is says they are now recruiting.  I guess the old adage holds true if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Today I am heading out to have breakfast with Sandy buy some meat and coffee and then I am going to be introduced to her new puppy Obie [She is a star wars fan]. He is a labrador springer mix so she is going to have her hands full as springers are crazy and with more energy than is proper.

At the moment it doesn't look like rain, in fact, the sky is clear and sunny and we are already at 18ÂșC, however, I am hopeful that we will get some rain as I will have to water in the salt if it stays dry.

Have a good day all ........
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