Sunday morning

Good morning all, well this morning instead of a moan I am in raptures. I got cold in the night with the fan blowing on me and suddenly remembered the joy of snuggling under the bed clothes and that lovely cosy feeling of being wrapped up and warm.  After days of sweating and throwing clothes off it was a lovely feeling.  Yesterday was not as hot as expected and today is starting off cool at 19ÂșC we still deeply need rain for the garden but it is looking like Tuesday before we are likely to get any.  I think today would be a good day to get a few loads of laundry done.

I had some pork chops for yesterday but nobody fancied them so we ended up having zuppa di pecse which I bought from Iceland.  It is prepared in Italy so guess what, it is delicious two packs did the three of us fine.  This is something I am going to buy again for certain.  So far my purchases from Iceland have all been fine but I have been very selective and stuck to fish and frozen vegetables or fruit for smoothies.  

I also boiled up a load of dried borlotti beans which are now ready to go in the freezer unless I use some today.  The pork chops will have to be on today's menu as they have spent long enough in the fridge. If I do them just plain grilled with a large salad they should be fine.  

I had to laugh I watched an American who has found the best weed killer in the world and put up a lovely film on Youtube.  Guess what he dissolves lots of salt in water then sprays it on his weeds I have been doing this for years!!!!  It takes a few days to work but it does work fine not many plants can stand the drying effect of the salt.  Nice and cheap and very effective excellent for paths and patios.  Once it has done its stuff all you need is a broom.

I think my cut and come again Cicoria is ready for another hair cut so it will be added to today's salad.  It has a very bitter note but that is nice alongside some of the sweeter ingredients and adds contrast.  

Well, time I got the laundry underway don't you just love washing machines.  What a pain it would be to do it all by hand.  I could happily live without a dish washer but not a washing machine.  Do you remember twin tubs I do and even they were a revelation.

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