Sunday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was a rotten day for me as I was not feeling up to scratch after a bad night.  I saw the gardeners in and got them underway then bottled out and went back to bed and slept like the dead so I must have needed it.  As predicted it rained in the afternoon but it didn't stop the guys working and I am gob smacked at how much they have done so far.  It is amazing what young fit men can do when they get the bit between their teeth.  The chicken run is gone as are the 6foot high weeds.  You can walk unimpeded from one end of the garden to the other. Once they have finished I will do a walk through video and stick it on Facebook as it is too large for this site.  I am thrilled and they still have another days work to do.  

Next doors dog's barking woke me at 3 am this morning but I did manage to go back to sleep so at least I don't feel like a dish cloth this morning. I made a large fricassee of vegetables yesterday and the remains of it will be vegetable soup today.  I also made a large batch of courgette pancakes which got demolished for lunch.  The sweet corn was cooked added to the pancakes so that got rid of those. The sun is shining and all is well with my world - the relief of having the garden done is huge and worth every penny it is costing me if only for the peace of mind.  The garden is designed to be low maintenance, not NO maintenance and neglect soon shows itself.  Where the chicken run was I now have a very large patch of bare earth which will need dealing with if it is not to just grow another crop of weeds.  I still favour a zen garden which I can spray with weed killer from time to time but in the interest of cost it might end up with a layer of bark chippings instead.  The only problem with those is that the black birds throw the chipping all over the place in their search for insects to eat and it is an eternal job to sweep them back into place.  Been there done that!!!

It is interesting that now that the back of the work is broken I suddenly feel reinvigorated and keen to do some gardening rather than just closing my eyes and running away completely overwhelmed.  I can quite see how hoarders get into a mess as there is a point of no return when you just give up because you know you will not be able to get to grips with the mess.  I think I may invest in lots of bulbs this autumn and fill in the gaps with flowers for the spring.  Then if I end up with the house on the market it should look a picture.  If I decide to sell then I also need to dispose of the grotty net curtains in the front of the house and replace them with Venetian blind which I actually hate as they are a pain to clean.  Been there done that too.  However, they will make the house look much more modern from the kerb side.  Then there is the thorny issue of the dying carpet if I decide to move I will leave it but if I decide to stay then it will need replacing.  Similarly, I need to look at a coat of paint over the inside just to brighten it up.

This afternoon Halfords is fitting our dash-cam which hopefully will reduce the price of insurance by some degree.  It has GPS on it and acts as a personal hot spot which will be useful for our long drive.

Well, that about it for this morning time to get the show on the road and convert the fricassee into soup.  

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