Sunday Morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of another weekend.  We had a small splash of rain yesterday but only after I had hung out my laundry.  Anyway, after it got an extra rinse it dried nicely on the line.  Today is a balmy 20 degrees with a gentle breeze and light cloud cover so a perfect day in my book.

I had a long chat with my friend who travels a lot on the continent with regard to insurance and breakdown cover.  The thorniest issue is health cover as although we have the reciprocal arrangement with Europe you are only entitled to what their citizens get which is not 100% cover like the NHS. So at my age, it would be sensible to get some extra cover in case of disaster.  It is bad enough to be ill or injured without incurring a huge bill as well.  Her elderly mother had a stroke while on holiday in France so she has had occasion to test the system.  Then you have to work out whether it is better to have a single trip cover or an annual cover as sometimes the annual cover costs less than the single trip.  So Monday is telephoning day as I get my car insurance to cover me for Europe as well as RAC cover for a breakdown.  As for health insurance, you need to own up to having an ingrowing toenail or broken eyelash or they will wriggle out of paying as like all insurance companies they are there to make money not to help you.  I have never bothered when I went to Trieste as I have medical relatives and on day trips to France I have always hoped to drive like hell for the ports and get home if I got ill.  I had a friend whose husband had a fall and broke his ribs at their Spanish home and she was charged £30 per hour for an interpreter in casualty only to be sent home with no help whatsoever. I flew out to Spain to help her through the initial period as she couldn't physically move her husband alone.  So you need to take reciprocal with a very large pinch of salt.  It will be interesting to see how much it all costs, probably the same as flying first class.  However, with my own transport, I am my own boss and will not have to waste hours/days in airports so probably worth it.  I can even take my shot gun provided I don't take ammunition can you imagine doing that in an airport!!!!!!  I only know this as many of the shooting clubs have day trips to shoot in France.  

Ok, so that is Mondays chores sorted now I have to knuckle under and get on with today's chores.  It will be just James and I so it is lunch and dinner for two.  One of the meals will have to have a salad as my Cicoria needs cutting again.  I can't believe how quickly it grows talk about cut and come again!!! Thank heavens I only planted a pot full as an experiment.  

Yesterday saw the "bling" shawl posted to my sister so we will see just how long it takes to get there. I am half way through another one and it will be nice to sit and knit while I watch the tennis this afternoon.  I want Federer to win - I like him.

Well, that about it for this morning time to get going and pour another cup of coffee - did you read that apparently coffee drinkers live 19 years longer than nondrinkers.  Who pays for all this useless research?

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