Sunday morning

Good morning all.  The sun is shining and we have had a splash of rain overnight so no watering needed this morning.  I made the wax cloth yesterday and it has to be the easiest thing I have done in ages.  If you feel you would like to make some this is the recipe.  Set your oven to 150ºC cut out the shape of cloth you want. Cover a baking tray with tinfoil and lay your chosen cloth on it.  I had a lump of beeswax which I chopped up then put in the mini Blitzer and scattered over the cloth.  The quantity you will have to judge by eye you will need enough to cover the cloth once it has melted. Put in the oven and leave for approximately one minute until all the wax is melted then remove and lift up the cloth and wave it about in the cool air so the wax sets.  That's it done.  If you don't have wax available you can use beeswax candles and it is as cheap as chips to buy in granular form.  My cheese is now wrapped happily in its wax jacket in the fridge.  

Yesterday I had a bit of a trawl through the freezer and found some sweetbreads which I have poached and today they will be getting their coating of egg and breadcrumbs.  I also took out a veal kidney which will be cooked today with marsala and dijon mustard and plenty of onions.  Served with rice and a big salad, or maybe some of the ratatouille I made yesterday.

I had an afternoon and evening of knitting and finally finished the wool shawl.  I had a rough count of how many lengths of wool I will need for the fringe 220 @ 20 cm long = 44 meters but what the hell is that in grams.  I know some wool gives you the length so I will have to have a trip to the wool shop and discuss not only what colour to make the fringe but also how much yarn I will need.  Well, that will have to wait until tomorrow when the wool shop is open.  In the meantime, I can run an iron over it as it is determined to be a curled up tube at the moment.

The yarn for my next project has arrived but I know better than to start a new project before finishing the last.  Somehow in the night I have turned over awkwardly and hurt my back which is really giving me gip this morning so my breakfast will include paracetamol.  There are no prizes for heroes!!!

I don't know if any of you have watched a program called "Doctor in the House", where a GP spends time with a family trying to get to the bottom of their health problems.  What an eye opener so much that can be put right with just adjustments to lifestyle.  It is so sad that the very simple remedies could have been in place and people would not have had to suffer for years. 10 minutes with a doctor is just not long enough to get to the bottom of some problems but it is long enough to write a prescription!!!!!

Oh and here is another piece of good news pasta which has been boiled then cooled and reheated does the same as potatoes and the starch converts to resistant starch which we cannot digest. Therefore lower calorie value and increased fibre.  I learned something else and that is that if you make stewed apple and add some raisins for sweetness then add some cinnamon which stops the spike in blood sugar.  I might look at making a batch for my breakfasts which I am trying to have each morning.  I find that though I just can't face food first thing if I give it a couple of hours I can then eat with pleasure rather than forcing it down.

For now, more coffee is required.  Have a lovely day and I hope the sun is shining for you too.
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