Saturday morning

Good morning all well we got through yesterday's heat as best we could.  Lunch was a bucket of gazpacho and black cherry yoghurts.  I have a cherry pipper thing which is only used about once a year but it is one of those things that when you need it there is no easy alternative.  Supper was the nice veal chops which were fried off with some butter and sage and a massive potato salad.  I was not in the mood to cook as it was too hot so James took over and did the chops the potato salad was made at the crack of dawn when it was cool.  

It was a nice day as we were all aware of the date - July 7th is a day we would all rather forget but everyone made an effort to be nice so it was actually a very good day.  James is still asleep so that is an improvement and from the look of the kitchen, he was not up all night.  He kept himself occupied by clearing up the now dead weeds which the salt has seen off.  We really could use a bit of rain but I think we will have to wait until Tuesday before we stand a chance.

At the moment it is pleasantly cool at 19ºC but the forecast is for another scorcher so I will get all my chores done while it is still cool.  I got the fringe put on the shawl and have started another one.  The finished one is a present for my surrogate daughter who is taking me out for lunch on Monday as a birthday treat. The next one will be for Denny as a Christmas present and I will do one for my sister so I have a list of people who would like one.  I thought I had better get them done as the yarn is getting harder to find. The knitting of the shawl is no bother it is the attaching of the fringe which is a pain.  As I am making several shawls I have organised a couple of pieces of cardboard the right length so cutting the fringe is simple.

I also made the wax cloth for Sandy but as you will see from the photo the edges have missed a bit of wax but I think it should work just fine.  It is difficult to get it just right with an iron but it was too big for the oven.  It might no look too special but it works very well and is by far the best option when it comes to storing cheese.

Today I am going to make a large pot of pesto as in my vegetable box there was a bag of basil and I have a plant on the window sill which is going mad.  Fortunately pesto freezes really well so once made it can be frozen for some other day.  I also have had some borlotti beans in soak overnight so they will be pressure cooked this morning and again put in the freezer for use at a later date.

Ok, that is my plan for the morning which should keep me out of mischief while the laundry is doing its thing.  Once the heat builds I will be back in my box in front of the fan.  Have a good one all......

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