Saturday morning

Good morning all, I had great plans yesterday to sort out the greenhouse but sadly got distracted and never got round to the job.  I have however found a pattern for an infinity scarf and a cowl that appeals to me.  It will take some knitting as it is a textured pattern.  Both are knitted on a circular needle with 240 stitches for the scarf and a very complex cast on  I have never seen before. It is called the Channel Islands cast on and has a picot edge.  I think it may take me a week to just get started. It will be good to do something more taxing and will definitely keep me out of mischief. Fortunately, the pattern comes with videos to help. I then went to our local wool shop where they have a big bin of left over balls of yarn going cheap.  So I bought a selection of colours to play with.
Today I will have to be strict with myself as I must finish the current work though I am desperate to start the new project I know if I don't finish the current project I never will.

The boys were up at the crack of dawn Denzil to go to work at 5 am and James took the dogs for a walk and has now gone back to bed as I think he had yet another disturbed night.

I have been running the freezer down and have just looked for inspiration in the fridge which is sadly empty of goodies.  Perhaps it is a good day to clean it while it is empty then a trip to the shops and I can refill it.

I have some beetroots which have been boiled but I am at a loss what to do with them next.  I don't really like beetroot so it is difficult. Perhaps I will make a salad of them with lots of chopped onions and herbs which might make them more appealing to me.

The aggregate arrives on Monday so all I am short of it the decking board for the edge then I can call the guys and they can finish off my Zen garden.  I know that it will fill with leaves in the autumn but hopefully, I can use the leaf blower to get them off and if weeds think they can grow there they will find themselves sprayed with weed killer as it doesn't matter on gravel.  I think I will need to buy some bags of potting compost as I have several big pots which I intend to fill with bulbs for the spring.  Perhaps I should have a bulb planting party but I will have to wait until all my friends are back from their holidays.

Well, that is the plan lets see if I can actually accomplish what I intend today!!!!!
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