Saturday Morning

Good morning all well it has rained all night and the garden is soaking wet and we are forecast more rain this afternoon.  Great! today is the day for the garden guys but I don't think they will be able to spray weed killer as it will just get washed off by the rain.  Tomorrow it looks as if we may be rain free so hopefully, they can spray tomorrow.  Rain is very uncooperative it never comes when you want it then soaks you when you are hoping for a dry spell.  Oh well, we will just have to muddle through.

I slept really badly last night probably concerned about the gardening today.  However, on the plus side, my sister has received her shawl and it only took just about a week to reach her.  I have completed another two, one of which needs the fringe adding.  I think I have sufficient yarn to make one more, then I resign as chief shawl knitter.

I took some chicken pieces out of the freezer for today but as yet I haven't decided what to do with them.  There are so many possibilities, however, using up some of my vegetables is a priority so I feel a fricassee of vegetables coming on.  I have some sweet corn to use up and was thinking along the lines of a chowder of some type.  

My cut and come again salad provided us with a good bowl full yesterday and it will only be a couple of days before it will need cutting again - I can't believe how prolific it is and a good job I only planted a pot full.

Dan is fully recovered from his paw problem and has completely forgotten about it so Tubby is much relieved as he was terror struck by Dan in his lampshade.  He made a lot of noise when wearing it as he managed to bump into everything.  

Well, that is the plan for the day the guys are not due until 9.30 so I have time for a shower and to make some headway in the kitchen.  Have a good day and I hope you don't get soaked.
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