Saturday morning

I am up at a bit more sensible time this morning I woke a 3.30 but that is just too early and still dark so managed to go back to sleep.  Now I am happily drinking coffee and feeling ready to face the day. I had some fun in the kitchen yesterday but sadly the sink is full of washing up - mea culpa - so no one to blame. 

I had some apples which were looking a bit sad so I decided to fill them with some mincemeat and put a lattice top on them.   With a healthy dose of custard, they made a nice dessert quite a novelty in this house.

 I must admit that the puff pastry is not home made and having taken a pack out of the freezer I then had quite a lot left over so I proceeded to make a spinach and cheese tart.

Actually, don't tell the boys but there is a whole load of spring greens hidden in the tart.  I chopped them finely and distributed them in the cooked spinach and no one was any the wiser.  I like using the long tart tin as the slicing is easier.  Even with the tart there were still left overs so they were cooked and my four footed friends though they had gone to heaven so much better than the dog biscuits.

This morning I have a delivery from Iceland coming yet more of the lovely Italian fish dishes which are so handy.  Yesterday we finished off the last of the spaghetti alle vongole and as usual, I had slightly over done the amount of pasta.  It was offered to the dogs and Tubby got stuck in but Dan just looked at me with his "I don't do fish", face and flatly refused.  I know he likes dover sole I wonder if he might like lobster or caviar perhaps!!!!! No, I am not going to offer them to him to find out.

I am not a lover of sweet potatoes but I have two to use up so I thought I might do them as rosti to go with our sausages which are on the lunch menu.  I'm not sure if they will hold together like the potato as they are not as starchy anyway we are about to find out.  But, first things first more coffee then on with the washing up.  Have a great day all.......

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