Saturday morning

Good morning all and pinch punch and all that,  here we are in July already,  time certainly marches on.  My nails have been done and look gorgeous with their new colour which is called Rosetta.  The name made me laugh.  I now hope I can translate hieroglyphics if only I could read Greek. I feel sorry for the poor person who has the unenviable job of naming nail polish colours.  

I have a confession to make on the way back from the nail salon I stopped off at a new branch of Iceland as Elaine said they had a good selection of frozen fish which is always useful, and frozen peas are frozen peas.  I bought Sugo Alle Vongole Clams in a Mediterranean Tomato and Herb Sauce price £3.50 so lunch was spaghetti alle vongole. The sauce was a little lacking so I added some extra garlic fried in olive oil and a freshly diced tomato some parsley and a small grating of lemon zest and a splash of marsala.  This made a vast improvement. We followed it by Insalata Caprese.  I don't know if you know the story behind this lovely tomato salad and I am not sure if it is an urban legend, but I like it anyway. Apparently,  the Italians, who were under German occupation during WW2 would order it as two fingers to the Germans as it is the colours of the Italian flag.  Red tomato, white mozzarella and green basil, waving the flag would get you shot but eating a salad was OK.  Trieste was liberated separately from the rest of Italy and they are still grateful to this day.  I have been into a restaurant ordered eaten and paid the bill before a German family were even served.  The waiters were deaf dumb and blind. I don't know what they expected as they were wearing lederhosen and couldn't have looked more German if they had tried.  It takes generations to forget atrocities and there were plenty.

Today I have a project - I am going to make wax cloth in which to wrap my cheese.  Cling film makes it sweat but wax cloth is perfect as it is breathable.  All it requires is some good quality cotton material some beeswax and an oven in which to melt it.  It also has the advantage of being reusable as you can just wipe it over with a damp cloth and it should last about a year.  Obviously, you can make an assortment of pieces to cover various other things.  Fortunately, I still have some beeswax after my foray into beekeeping.

Today is dull and overcast - proper English summer weather.  Have a good weekend all.
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