Monday morning

Sorry about yesterday it completely slipped my mind.  I think I have a touch of Teflon syndrome you know nothing ever sticks!!!! I had had a bad night and then slept in and my whole day was upside down.  I got started on the new knitting and decided to have a dry run of the pattern to see if I could actually do it.  Well, I can, but boy does it take some concentration.  The channel islands cast on is horribly difficult until you get into the swing of it and the bind off is equally complex.  The initial embossed leaf pattern is not too bad as it works on a 10 stitch group but then it moves to a 12 stitch diamond pattern.  Thank heaven for ring stitch markers without them I would be lost.  I'm sure this might as well be Chinese if you don't knit but those of you who do will understand.  It looks easy enough just knit and purl!!!!!

Why do I set myself such challenges?  I suppose it is a way of keeping what is left of my brain alive!!!!!  However, that is me, I must be one of the few people who has hosted a three-course dinner party in a caravan just to prove I could.  I also made Yorkshire puddings in my caravan oven to see if that too was possible.  After all, why would any sane person make croissants if not as a challenge? And yes I have grown avocado stones, date pips and lemon pips etc none of which were any use just a test to see if it were possible.

Today the aggregate is due for delivery and I will have to be around to ensure that they dump it so I can still open the garage doors or there will be no way to barrow it through to the back.  I do need to do some shopping as well so I hope they come early so I can use the rest of the day.

We have had lots of rain so the greenhouse had been put on the back burner.  It is not an urgent job so it can wait until I am ready after all it has been lying fallow for two years.

I am hoping Sandy is coming to visit this week and bring her new puppy to meet my dogs so let's hope that all goes well.  Dogs are usually pretty good with puppies as they seem to understand that they are idiots and treat them as such.

Well, that is my plan for the day nothing cast in stone all very fluid.  As for food, I have no idea yet except the Cicoria needs cutting again so a salad will appear somewhere.  Have a good day all......

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