Monday morning

Good morning all, the guys came and finished off the garden yesterday and I am delighted yes it cost but boy did I get my monies worth.  I have just walked the garden with the camera so you will see it is pretty dull but just look at the improvement in the garden.  

Remains of the fake grass put to good use 

 Colossal weed patch cleared completely

 Bare earth and the box hedges clipped

 Surrounds of the lawn now weed free

 Pond area cleared of weeds 

Chicken run gone and ready to become a Zen garden

I didn't realise how much this was praying on my mind but I am so relieved I can't tell you.  Next job is to order one million bulbs and get them planted then if we are looking to sell in the spring it will look fabulous.

The guys have agreed to come back and lay the Zen garden if I order the stuff so I reckon it is 14 meters by 3 meters now I need to find out how deep the gravel should be.  I think I will leave the hard standing where he hen house used to be and put something decorative on it.  To keep the gravel in place I will need some kind of edge and I think a few lengths of decking should do the trick.  I actually feel it is worth doing something in the garden now that it looks a bit better.  Anyway, I am thrilled and relieved in equal quantities.  Sadly I know that bare earth grows weeds so I have no time to waste and I need to get on and get planting where there is a plant there isn't a weed.

The green house is still a disaster area but small enough for me to sort out and next year TOMATOES again.

Today I will go to Screwfix and get a pack of pins to hold down the fake grass as I am sure it won't be long before the weeds try to push their way up under it. 

While the men were at work I made a venison pie for lunch today - it is with a mash top so just some greens to go with it and I am done.  The debris from last nights macaroni cheese is littering the kitchen so that will be my first port of call.  I hate a messy kitchen!!!!  

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