Monday morning

Good morning all first let me answer a question from Joy regarding the brine/salt weed killer.  I first discovered the weed killing properties of brine when I emptied some that I had been using to brine meat over the patio and all the moss and weeds died.  There after I use a saturated solution if I am going to spray but I also just sprinkle salt on specific weeds and let the rain do the rest.

Dandelion sprinkled and waiting for rain

Area of weeds now dead from sprinkled salt which will wash away when we get some rain.

I find this a dog friendly weed killer as the dogs only sniff it once then after sneezing for ten minutes they leave it alone.  I don't use this method on weeds in flowerbeds as the salt does the soil no good if you have other plants near by.  However for hard standing it is perfect and best of all cheap.

Chrissie I know you have worked hard to gravel an area but that too will grow weeds so this might be the perfect solution for you too.

Yesterday was hot again so it was a day for gentle pottering lots of laundry got done and dried and I think I still have one load to go out today.  

Today I have the best of days to look forward to.  Elaine, my surrogate daughter, is coming at 10.15 to take me to the spa for a swim and relax session then on to the Greek restaurant for lunch.  She is a very busy girl with three kids, 2 horses, a puppy and an allotment to look after as well as a catering job so her time is very precious and I am very grateful that she has offered me such a treat.  So by way of a thankyou I have run up one of the "bling" shawls for her.  The next one is half done and that one is going to Italy to my sister.  This is the time of year when they are useful as they offer just a bit of warmth to the shoulders on a cool evening.  You can screw them up in a ball and stuff them in your handbag and they come to no harm and the total weight is 100 grams. 

Well first things first, the kitchen poltergeist has been around so it looks like a bomb has exploded in there.  Big tidy up and wash up required then I can get myself ready with a clear conscience.  It might take me some time to find my bathing costume which has not seen the light of day for a couple of years.  So, one more coffee before a plunge headlong into a day of indulgence.

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