Monday morning

Good morning all, we are a bit dull here today but currently, it is still dry.

As requested here is a photo of the shawl, not the easiest thing to photograph.
Anyway, you get the general gist of it and you can see why the fringe was such a pain I found a ball of wool that Shiona had given me which was just enough for the job.

The next problem is to find a home for it.  I think my sister might like it so I will pack it up and send it to her - if she hates it she has my full permission to pass it on to anyone she thinks might like it I am just pleased to see the back of it.  Where she lives it is very cold in the winter so it might be nice to wrap yourself in on a cold winters day.  

As you can imagine it took me quite a few hours to get the fringe attached and as my back is playing up it was an ideal occupation.  

Lunch yesterday was something I particularly like but the boys were not so keen I did a pile of sweetbreads egg and breadcrumbed and served with asparagus.  I have already cooked lunch for today which is kidneys turbigo with some buttered spring cabbage.  The kidneys are veal so they should be delicious.  Offal is not to everyone's taste but I am a fan.  All I need to do is reheat everything and hey presto lunch.  I also made a big bowl of yoghurt which I m now going to strain so it is the consistency of greek yoghurt.  The instapot does a lovely job.  This is the first time I have used the yoghurt function, I have used it as a pressure cooker for stocks and stews and the slow cooker function is also a boon, all in all, it is a very versatile bit of kit.  The inner liner is stainless steel so easy to clean[dish washer friendly] and can be used on the stove top.  However, it does have a saute function so you can fry off your onions without using the hob.

James did some weed killing yesterday as the front of the house looks like a gipsy encampment. On my advice, he watered the paving with a strong salt solution which should take care of the weeds. Once they have died down hopefully all that will be needed is a broom.  The patio needs the same treatment so maybe we can get that done today.  I don't want to do it as bending down is just about the worst thing I could do for my back which hopefully after a bit of rest should right itself.

We had a big family discussion about whether to move to a property with a smaller garden but in the end, we decided to stay and spend the cash a move would cost on getting the garden back to its former glory.  The house interior could also use a coat of paint and the ground floor carpeting is just about dead so I am going to look at hard flooring which will be easier to keep clean with the dogs.  A skip will be required for the garage so that too will be on my to-do list.

With regard to the garden, I am going to approach the local horticultural college and see if they would like the job for their students who can make a zen garden out of my chicken run.  Well, nothing ventured nothing gained.  When I was doing my course they were looking for gardens they could use as work experience for the final year students so hopefully, they might be pleased.  Obviously, I would pay for the stuff but it is the labour I am after.  A bunch of nice healthy young students would be perfect.  The end shed which until now has been a store for gardening equipment and my beekeeping stuff could have a birthday and be converted into a proper summer house or maybe a hot tub place. The possibilities are endless.  I don't lack for ideas just the strength to accomplish them.

OK time to strain the yoghurt and have another coffee.  Have a good day all.
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