Friday Morning

Good morning all, interesting weather this morning, sun shine and rain simultaneously together and at the same time.  I spent lots of time yesterday ordering plants and aggregate and decking board and organising the guys to come back and do the work once I have all the ingredients.  I have decided to stick with the purple slate which is in the rest of the garden so it keeps the same sort of theme it also means that anyone buying the house after us can easily dispose of a couple of tons of slate from the old chicken run if they want to make it into veg beds or something else.  My only concern is that I have done the measuring and it is not my strong point so I hope I have got it right.  

I now have a new socket in my bedroom so I can plug things in without risking my life so that is pleasing. Denzil came home with a packet of all butter puff pastry so I made a spinach tart for supper. I call it a tart as if I were to say it was a quiche the boys would baulk at that but a tart is OK. Anyway, it got demolished in no time.  In my efforts to clear out the freezer I found some lambs hearts which I know the boys will not fancy so they have been through the pressure cooker and by the time I have sliced them finely and fried them in a little butter I think the boys will be surprised.  If however, they are not the four footed boys will help me out I am sure.

Denzil has gone off to the shops bright and early as his mobile phone died and so he is off to get another one.  Of all of us, he is in most need of a phone as he spends most of his working life on the road.  

My project for the day is to have a go at the greenhouse which needs a good clear out as it has ended up as a dumping ground.  Nothing that a black bin bag and a bit of elbow grease won't cure.  Instead of keeping old flower pots with the idea of doing something with them I am going to throw them out into the recycling.  I find myself keeping things which in the end I know I am not going to use but they seem too good to throw out.  Am I alone in this?  Yes, you can make a mug out of a plastic bottle but do I need mugs NO.  

Anyway time to get the show on the road have a good day all.
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