Friday morning

Good morning all, well the sun is shining after yesterdays rain so it is still lovely and cool but bright.  Perfect!!! If only this weather will hold for the weekend the gardening guys should be OK.

Dan's paw has settled down and he has forgotten about it which is just as well as we have now removed the cone of shame which was terrifying Tubby who kept running and hiding from Dan who, from his perspective, had turned into an alien.

By way of a treat for Denzil's birthday, we had a takeaway curry from our Nepalese shop which was lovely.  For lunch, I had just made a spinach and bacon tart so we were very ready for something more substantial.

I had a rude awakening this morning with my dogs barking the walls down as the window cleaner had turned up.  He also does electrical stuff so I have organised him to come and do my plug in my bedroom which has been broken for ages.  It is one of those jobs you keep meaning to do but never quite get round to doing.  

Right so sorry this has taken so long to be put up but other things have overtaken me and now its lunch time!!!!
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Friday morning

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