Friday morning

So sorry to be so late but I had a crazy night and spent most of it awake until I fell asleep at about 7 am and then slept until 11.30.  I then got into a conversation with my sister over the internet so I am only now getting to my second cup of coffee.  It is lunch time but I think it is breakfast time.  Well at least I am not sleep deprived I am just sleeping at unusual times but as I don't have any reason to get up early it isn't a problem.

I watched some fantastic stuff on Youtube where sushi chefs were making the most incredible things out of vegetables - so I hard boiled some eggs then halved them and put the yolks together with some crab pate and mayonnaise and refilled the eggs then sat them on finely sliced cucumber and sprinkled the tops with some lumpfish caviar - it looked spectacular I should have taken a photo but they got demolished before I had a chance.   

Today I have to have a trip to the post office as I have finished yet another shawl which is going to go to Italy.  My sister knows it is on its way so hopefully, we will see how long it takes to arrive.  In the mean time, as I am so far behind, we are going to have some pasties from the bakery for lunch.  Nice and easy and I will make some effort for supper.  Like defrosting a couple of packs of spaghetti alle vongole from the freezer and boiling some pasta.  Oh, the work!!!!!!

The laundry is piling up again so I guess I had better get a load on as it looks like a good drying day or should I say afternoon.  I will try to get to sleep at some sensible hour tonight and try to get back on track.  Have a good afternoon all and sorry again for being so tardy. 

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