Friday morning

Good morning all, what a grotty night it has been hot and sweaty.  We never did get the promised rain and according to the weather forecast, it is going to stay this way all weekend.  The heat makes me feel listless and lethargic all I want to do is sit in front of a fan.  I console myself with the fact that the sun on my roof is making me money.

Yesterday I went to MacNades to do a bit of shopping, have breakfast with Sandy then go and introduce myself to her new puppy who of course is absolutely gorgeous.  Who can resist puppies? They are designed to steal your heart and do it with consummate ease.  He is at that lovely bitey stage where everything is tested with his needle-sharp teeth.  So we are all doing the correct thing and squealing as though hurt when he uses his teeth on us.  He is responding beautifully by immediately letting go and looking confused.  It will take him a while to work out that you can bite toys but not people.

I have the fringe of a shawl to do which is by far the worst bit of the job. Knitting the body is easy but the fringe is a pain.  I think it might be an ideal job to do sitting in front of the fan.  Sandy expressed a desire for a wax cloth for wrapping her cheese so I have made her one.  This one I did by the ironing method but it was not as successful as the hot oven way.  Anyway, that is a job for cooler weather I am not going to be making wax clothes in this heat.  

I have made a huge bowl of yoghurt which I am going to strain so that it is like Greek yoghurt.  I then stew a few eating apples with a handful of raisins and a stick of cinnamon then stir it all together and pot it.  Apparently, the cinnamon stops your blood sugar spiking from the sweetness of the raisins. All very scientific but actually delicious.  I have some potatoes ready cooked to make a potato salad and some nice veal chops to go with it.  I also have the ingredients to make a gazpacho which might be exactly what we fancy.  In the £1 bag section of the shop, I found 6 mixed colour peppers well I couldn't resist them now could I.

I think I will get on and make the dishes now before it gets too hot to care and then it will be just a case of opening the fridge when you are hungry.  I will leave cooking the chops until this evening when the heat of the day has dissipated.  Everything else is cold work so not a problem.

If you love the heat and the sun have fun I am off to a darkened room and a fan to wait for the cool of the evening.
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