Wednesday morning

Good morning all, I had a lovely day at Shiona's yesterday and whistled through the rush hour traffic in Maidstone with no problems the green traffic light fairy was with me.  However, the trip home was a different story and took forever.  Who let the ankle-biters out of school? Shiona cast an eye over my will to make sure I hadn't done anything stupid and politely looked at the photos.  Of course, she recognised many of the places as we had been there together when I took her to Trieste.

While trawling around on the internet I discovered a book that is the answer to a prayer for me.  I learned the local dialect aged 4 and though I have added to the vocabulary over the years I still find difficulty in differentiating proper Italian from dialect.  Well, this book does just that so at last, I might be able to make some sense of it all.

Finally, we have had some rain for the poor parched garden and it is due to rain again today so the boys have bottles out of going shooting.  Wimps!!!  For the first time, in what seems ages, it was dark when I got up this morning don't tell me it is autumn already.  Perhaps not, it is just rain clouds which are blotting out the sun.  It is steadily raining as I write not hard but constant which is just what the garden needs.  The weeds are going to be so grateful!!!!!

I have been dithering about what to do with the old chicken run which is now a large weed patch and at last, I have come up with an idea.  I would like to turn it into a Zen garden you know lots of gravel and a few rocks and maybe an acer.

I do know that it will grow weeds but hopefully not at the present rate and it should be easy to spray it with weed killer regularly.  I can foresee a problem with leaves in the autumn but I don't think there is any true trouble-free garden.  Nature always wants its own way!!!!

On today's menu is chicken marsala with jersey royals and spring cabbage.  As it is raining I might even do some ironing!!!!!

Have a good one all.....

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