Wednesday Morning

Good morning all at least it is cool and lovely at the moment.  Yesterday was a bit cooler but not by much and today it is supposed to be the hottest yet - oh heaven help us!!!!  I was watching a program about the last Alaskans and minus 30 sounds positively ideal to me. Thick snow and log fires sound wonderful.  I am a total wimp when it comes to heat and rapidly lose the will to live.  I can tolerate any other kind of weather rain, hail, sleet or snow and have the appropriate clothing but the heat is just unbearable.  Thank goodness I live close to the coast so we tend to be a couple of degrees cooler in the summer and a couple of degrees warmer in the winter courtesy of the channel.  Today we are forecast 31ÂșC - OMG -  another day the ironing will be put on hold.

We are living on salads of various varieties and yesterday for lunch we had tiger bread sandwiches stuffed with egg and tomato.  6 eggs hard boiled 6 tomatoes skinned pipped and diced a desert spoon of mayo and hey presto lunch for three.  My vegetable box contained a load of broad beans so I podded them then boiled them and removed their grey jackets then put them into the blender with a large knob of unsalted butter and some seasoning and whizzed it - a sort of hummus and very palatable.  Slaving over a hot stove is out I would rather slave over a cold fridge!!!! so today will be more of the same salad or salad.  While it is still cool I am going to put on a pan and boil some little potatoes for a potato salad which will bulk up the lunch a little.  According to the weather forecast, we may actually get rain tomorrow and I for one can't wait.  The garden is in desperate need, I have watered the pots close to the house to keep them going but the rest of the garden has had to manage by itself.  The dogs are miserable in this heat and spend their time finding the coolest place in the house to snooze.

My Italian seeds have germinated but it is quite a job to keep them damp in this weather I water them each night to try to give them the best chance.  They at least should be accustomed to this kind of heat so I am hopeful. Somehow the heat in the UK is different possibly it is the humidity being an island but 27 in Trieste was nowhere near as bad.  When I pointed out posts to carry chains on corners of pavements because of the Bora Sandy thought I was crazy until I sent her these photos
Don't go in the winter it is very cold and the winds are around 180kph and dangerous.

Nowhere is perfect 

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