Wednesday Morning

Good morning all yes I am up at 4 am again but actually, I quite enjoy my couple of hours of peace and quiet in the morning just watching the birds in the garden and scribbling my blog.  I took a saunter up the garden yesterday only to discover it is a wilderness of weeds and brambles.  It really doesn't take long for nature to reclaim a garden. On the plus side the raspberries are doing well and as Sandy is coming today she might like to pick a few as I know she doesn't like strawberries.  The other good news it that my apricot tree has quite a bit of fruit on it so if I can get to it before the birds I might actually get a few to eat. Yesterday I invested in some weed killer so I may have a good spray around and hope to keep some of the weeds under control.  Fortunately, I can shut gates and keep the dogs off where I have sprayed.  On the patio area, I only use salt which does the job but is less harmful to the dogs.

I am hoping to get the rest of the photos from Sandys phone today so I may have a few more tomorrow but much depends on my computer skills so don't hold your breath.  With all this lovely weather the washing machine is going on every day and the ironing is mounting but the next rainy day, after the new iron arrives, I will be able to get it all done and out of the way.  Much of it doesn't need ironing as it comes in off the line all but crease free.  The early mornings are quite chilly at just 13 degrees but once the sun is properly up the heat begins to build.  The cool nights actually make for good sleeping and though I am up early I am sleeping very well and often fall asleep quite early.  The break away has done my a power of good letting go of all that I had on my mind even for just a week has been a life saver.  Our heads are stuffed with all sorts of trivia of daily life, things to do, things to mend, things to buy, bills to pay and so on it is lovely to dump it all for a while and just enjoy living!!! fortunately, I am past the stage of enjoying baking myself to a golden brown now I head for shade.

Denny worked her magic on the house so that is one less thing to think about and she spent quite a while getting the kitchen back to my usual standard.  A week of the boys and frying pans certainly made quite a mess of the hob.  For lunch yesterday I did a spaghetti carbonara and a big green salad which did us for the day and we all helped ourselves to some snacks instead of supper.  I had some pork chops out but no one felt like them so they are back in the fridge and will be either for today or tomorrow. I have some sweet potatoes to use up so they are cut into wedges and will be put through the oven and if we don't fancy them the four-footed ones will help out I am sure.

I have just been watching next doors cat who was sitting on my rose arbour when one of the resident magpies came and unceremoniously shoved him off.  Absolutely no fear of the cat!!! In Trieste, there were a few hooded crows who are doing a great job of seeing off the seagull and pigeons. Apparently, they exist in Scotland and Northern Ireland but not in the south.  They look sort of like jackdaws but with more grey.

Have a great day all I am now off to have a second cup of coffee before getting the washing on.

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