Wednesday Morning

Good morning all, well yesterday I did nothing just recovered from the holiday and walked bare foot to allow my poor blisters to heal a little.  This morning I woke translating recipes in my head it is going to take a few days for this to die down.  The problem I have is that my most fluent Italian is the local dialect and I dont always know the difference between that and true Italian so it is almost three languages.  Many words are similar but some are completely different just as an example 'grembiule' is true italian for an apron but the dialect word is 'traversa' big difference.  Fortunately most Triestini speak both so if I make a fruit salad of a sentence they still understand me and generally reply in English because they too want to practice.  However, they are tickled pink that an English person speaks the local dialect. This fascinates them so much I then get the third degree as to how this came about. Sandy got by beautifully with just please and thankyou.

Today I would like to tell you of our day at Lipica which is in Slovenia and yes I have a few words of Croat which is also understood by the Slovenians who also speak the trieste dialect given they are so close.  

I first went to Lipica when it was not open to the public and I was about 12.

 The lipizzaner stud farm is the largest in the world and now they have beautiful guided tours in an assortment of languages. They hold the demonstration shows three times a week and we were fortunate enough to be there on a day of the show which of course is well worth seeing.  After we had done the tour of the stables and learned the history of the horses who all come from the original 6 stallions and 10 mares some 400 years ago.

This is what I call a stable I would be happy to eat my dinner off the floor it is so clean.  They had laid on a barbeque with a jazz band so we had lunch sat under the shade of a linden tree.  The show started at 3pm and it is wise to get to the arena a bit early to get a good seat we had front row seats, brilliant.  

When you can make a horse do this on command then you know you can train horses. It take about 5 years of training to get this good and only the brightest and strongest ever make it.  I think Sandy has a bit of video so when I get it I will put it up.  If you are a dressage nut you can go and have lessons there.

Now here comes a geography lesson. I have an American friend who lives on the outskirts of Trieste and Slovenia is 250 meters from her house.  The Croatian border is about 6 kilometers away but most of the area was part of the Habsburg empire and so the buildings are in keeping with that era.  Very ornate plenty of gold leaf and marble.

This photo was taken from my hotel window and as you can see the street below is 4 lanes wide and the 5th is a bus lane.  They built big in those days even if they only had horses and carriages.

For those of you who have spotted my panoramic video taken with my iPad and put on my Facebook page you might like to see where I took the film from. This is monte grisa where there is a very modern cathedral perched high up on a hill.  And the Italians being as they are the cathedral has a bar of course. You will notice from the surroundings that there is nowhere suitable for an airport so it is about an hour's drive away on a flat piece of land.

The very stony land is Karst which is a form of limestone and the story goes like this:- When god finished building the world he had some rocks left over so he was going to throw them in the Adriatic but the Devil came along and slit the bottom of his sack and the whole lot fell over Trieste. Both cyclamen and asparagus grow wild here.

Well Ok that is your history and geography lesson for the day and not homework today.  Shiona is coming for lunch so I had better get my act together as my suitcase is hers and as yet it is not quite unpacked.  Today is knicker washing day!!!!!  Until tomorrow have a good one.
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