Tuesday Morning

Good morning dearly bewildered.  I'm back but are you supposed to feel that you have been run over by a steam roller following a holiday?  Actually I had a brilliant time but I think I must have walked a million miles and my blisters have blisters.  Trieste is very hilly and really only suitable for mountain goats no wonder the people are so fit.  If I write gibberish please forgive me my brain is still working in two languages so it is a bit scrambled and we didn't get home until 1am.  The old saying "If you have time to spare go by air"  is very appropriate.  A one hour 50 minutes flight actually ruins a whole day.  When we landed I think it was at Gatwick and we taxied to Stansted then the plane couldn't find a parking slot so we taxied to Glasgow and were bussed back to Stansted.  This might be a small exaggeration but that is how it felt.  Anyway god bless James who was there to meet us and and drive us home.

Trieste was very hot but our hotel was a perfect choice.  It is a hotel that caters for business people so it had air conditioning and an international breakfast with enough choice to suit all.  Lunch and or dinner was had elsewhere.  Photos will follow as Sandy took loads and it seemed pointless for both of us to take the same photos so I am going to pinch hers once we have recovered from our holiday.  My long lost relative treated us like royalty. Absolutely nothing was too much trouble for him and his delightful wife Fiora.  Bless her heart she cooked us several meals which we ate at the house of his sister who has died but they have kept the house which resembles a museum.  I have never seen so many bronzes and so much art work in my life, god help the poor person who has to do the dusting and polish the parquet flooring.

We went to Lipica which is the biggest stud farm in the world and is where they breed the Lipizzaner horses and those which are slightly substandard are supplied to the Spanish riding school in Vienna they keep the best for themselves for their show and for breeding.  They also keep the Queen's horse there.  

On the way to the airport Franco stopped off so Sandy could see the monuments at Redipuglia which is a place where there have been so many wars that there were half a million dead and Mussolini thought it was disgusting that the corpse had just been left unburied so he had this memorial built.  This was in the era before he met Hitler and lost his marbles and got a god complex.

 You can get an idea of size by looking at the people who look like ants.

Each of the stairs is about 3 metres in height with a brass plate showing all the names of the fallen.  In years gone by I have climbed to the top but you need to be a lot fitter than I am now.  These photos have been nicked from Google.

It is persisting with rain here and blowing a gale but at least I am not bathed in sweat so I am very happy.  However more coffee is needed before I face the day and get back to reality.  Needless to say Dan and Tubby were like dogs with two tails when I got back and I have been kissed to death.  Chapter two tomorrow! this could turn into a novel until then have a good day all
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