Tuesday morning

Dover sole with lemon butter and prawn sauce and avocado

What would you expect to pay in a restaurant?  Chez nous £5.  Apparently, though Dan doesn't do fish he does do Dover sole.  Who needs a gourmet dog!!!!  What a smashing lunch the Dovers were fished out of the Medway which at our end is tidal.  A long time ago I bought 6 oval meat plates just for serving fish and even they were not quite big enough. The photo is of the smallest of the three fish.  I also use these plates for Xmas lunch as there are usually so many things to eat you need a big plate so you can see what you have.  Supper was a simple affair just a big bowl of gazpacho and a yoghurt.  The yoghurt was for an experiment, my instapot pressure cooker has a yoghurt setting so last night I set it all up and made some yoghurts or maybe some sour milk as yet I haven't tested them to see if I have succeeded.  I did just a pint to see if it would work and as they are still warm I will leave them to cool before adding some fruit.  I made them with full-fat milk as this is the only way of getting good bacteria to your gut as the fat protects the bacteria from the stomach acid which gets rid of most bacteria in other foods.

Today the weather looks grim it is very overcast and according to the weather forecast, we are in for some rain.  I am off to Shiona's for the day as I haven't seen her since my return from Italy so she hasn't been bored by the photos yet.  Many of them she will recognise as she has already had the guided tour.  I also need her legal advice on my rewritten will which needs countersigning before she heads off for Scotland in July.   

I am hoping to go shooting tomorrow with James and a couple of his mates but the weather looks poor however as we are not made of sugar it shouldn't be a problem.  It will not be the first time I have shot in the rain which is easier than in high wind.  I haven't been shooting for ages so it will be interesting to see if I can still hit the clays.  It has always baffled me why the pheasant shooters don't practice on clays in the offseason.  It is hardly any wonder that they can't hit a barn door let alone a pheasant.

Last night I had what might be a brilliant idea I thought I might have a gardening party. Notice I said gardening not garden.  Come round pull a few weeds and get fed and watered what do you think?  It would solve my problems and split the work a bit more fairly.  I would be happy to put on a buffet lunch for the workers.  It would be bring your dogs and no posh clothes required. Do you think I might get any takers?

Don't disillusion me I am happy thinking this might work.  Have a good day all even if it does rain.

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