Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Well, yesterday was a day of successes and failures.  The first fail was my iron which blew up halfway through the ironing as you can imagine I am devasted not to be able to finish it until the new iron arrives.  What a fabulous excuse!!!  On the success side, the cevapcici were delicious and the boys motored through them.  Elaine joined us with her salad lunch but even though she is not fond of meat she tried one decided it was good stuff and promptly took down the recipe and went off to buy the ingredients she was missing.  My recipe is as follows 50% beef mince 50% pork mince [technically it should be veal] mush it all together with your hands and incorporate as much white wine as it will hold and a bit more [this acts as a sort of marinade] and a good teaspoon of ground black pepper.  Cover and leave overnight.  Next day add sufficient flour to be able to form the traditional sausage shapes and cook slowly on the griddle pan or on a barbeque.  Mine took about 3 heaped tablespoons.  While they are cooking you can prepare the sauce and the raw onions to accompany them.

The semifreddo is also idiot proof.  First get three bowls in the first Blitz 100 grams of amoretti biscuits [the crisp ones not the soft] bowl 2 whip 400 grams of cream to just past soft peak stage.  Bowl 3 has 3 egg yolks and a tablespoon and a half of sugar creamed together.  Now fold it all together and put in a freezer container.  It will take about three hours to freeze solid but you will need to take it out about half an hour before eating and at this point grate over lots of very dark chocolate. It makes a stunning affogato - put a small blob in the bottom of a glass and pour over freshly made hot real coffee and enjoy.  It is very rich so this quantity will feed 6 easily.

For supper, we had a recipe from a Trieste food blogger.  Really simple first fry/grill some bacon to very crisp then crumble into some cream cheese along with a large tsp of creamed horseradish.  Serve with hot toast, crudites, or biscuits.  You could substitute a bit of smoked mackerel for the bacon very yummy.

Today's menu is going to be very simple as I have a left over gammon steak I am going to chop it up and make spaghetti carbonara and a salad.  The wonderful Denny is due today and boy does the house need a bit of a spruce up.

I paid my car tax yesterday ouch!  personally, I would do away with this tax and put it on the fuel that way those who use the roads the most pay the most and those who have fuel efficient cars pay less which seems a fairer system to me.  I would also change the car insurance system so that the car itself is insured and not the driver.  After all, if you insure a piano you don't insure the pianist.  We should all have personal liability insurance in case we cause injury to someone else.  This way anyone with a full licence can drive your car and it will be insured. Easy!!!!!  I have a million pound personal liability insurance in case I shoot someone by accident.  Of course, if I shoot them deliberately that is called murder and I would get to stay in her majesties hotel for quite a while. I think I will stick to clay pigeons!!!!

On that happy note, I am off to make a start on the kitchen but first a second cup of coffee.
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